Indecent Proposal (The Dollhouse Society) by Eden Myles

Indecent ProposalOur first title is here!


Author: Eden Myles

About: Discover the secret behind the mysterious Dollhouse Society, an exclusive collection of powerful men and the modern-day courtesans who service them…

Klutzy temp Evie Christopoulos is summoned into the presence of esoteric tycoon Ian Sterling for reasons unknown. Evie’s a big nobody. She’s just found out that her boyfriend is cheating on her with another woman, her life is at a dead end standstill, and she’s convinced she’ll die a virgin. She can only surmise that she’s about to be canned from the best job she’s ever had.

But her brooding, dark entrepreneur of a boss has other plans for Evie. He’s been watching her, waiting for someone like her. He has a special appetite for virgins, and he means to offer her a new position–the most indecent of proposals! But only if the curvy, shy and alluring Evie can ace the most intimate of interviews…


I watched the wet tip of his tongue moving over his lips. There was a word that Clarissa used for guys she liked. Fuckable. It just popped into my head in that moment. Mr. Sterling was tall and powerfully built. He wore glasses. He was so very fuckable. That was why I liked talking to him.

But of course, I couldn’t say that. So I just nodded.

“How much do you trust me?” he asked. “I mean…instinctively.”

I licked my own lips nervously in response. I had been licking them all along, I realized, and now my mouth had that gummy lipstick taste. I reached up to brush a wayward lock of hair out of my eyes and realized to my extreme horror that my very rebellious hair was falling down around me despite my best efforts to pin it up. “Very much,” I told him. I couldn’t rationalize it, but yes, I trusted him. I didn’t just want him. I trusted him implicitly.

“Are you a virgin, Evelyn?”

The question caught me so off guard that the whole room seemed to shift in a surreal way around me, like I was on a carousel moving too fast. My hand grew absolutely still in the process of hooking long wayward strands of dark hair behind my ears. “I…I don’t understand.”

One of his eyebrows ticked up. His fingers continued to trail along my file folder. His voice was a low, intimate rumble in his chest. “I’m wondering if you’ve ever had sexual relations with a man before. The position I’m considering you for is best served by a virgin. It’s not a necessity, of course, but it is my personal preference.”

I should have gotten angry right then and there. I couldn’t believe his audacity! Instead, I sat stunned, wondering if he was being serious or not. Maybe this was his way of testing me? Was this some kind of joke? “I don’t understand,” I said again. “What kind of job is it?”

“I’m looking for a courtesan.”

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