The War of the Roses (The Dollhouse Society) by Eden Myles


Author: Eden Myles

Discover the secret behind the mysterious Dollhouse Society, an exclusive collection of powerful men and the modern-day courtesans who service them…

Rachaela’s life reaches a crisis point when her ex walks back into her life and tries to turn her world upside down. Coping with old conflicts and old lovers is bad enough, but Rachaela is also about to be initiated into the Dollhouse Society.

Wolf is prepared to take her to the very limits of her pleasure…and her pain. A night of chains, roses and punishment awaits Rachaela, and she’s about to learn just how far she is willing to go for lust…and love. But it is further than she can handle?


He went to a wardrobe and searched through the contents for several moments before turning to face me, armed with the one thing I had dreaded more than anything else since meeting him that night in Malcolm’s kitchen.

He was sporting a cane made of bamboo. I felt my panic edge up a notch as he approached me, drawing it over the front of my body as he had the rose, and despite myself, I immediately felt the wetness gathering between my legs. He saw. “It excites you, doesn’t it? I told you I would cane you, Rachaela. That I would take you, make you my courtesan. Bend you to my will.” He smirked. “Do you know that it’s commonly believed that the cane is the most painful tool in a gentleman’s arsenal? Reserved for only the most difficult of courtesans. You hate it, but you also want it. I can tell. You’ve been waiting for it.”

“I don’t want it,” I protested as he slid the incredible hardness of wood between my breasts, making a beeline toward my belly. My entire body quivered and I suddenly felt the need to test the chains again, not that they were going to suddenly give for me. “Please…”

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