Beauty and the Beast (The Dollhouse Society) by Eden Myles


Author: Eden Myles

Discover the secret behind the mysterious Dollhouse Society, an exclusive collection of powerful men and the modern-day courtesans who service them…

Rachaela and Wolf call it quits when Rachaela’s ex Jerrel has a dangerous run-in with Wolf. Jerrel decides to make Rachaela’s life a living hell by turning her daughter against her. None of this would have happened were it not for Wolf’s egotistical belief that Rachaela, as his courtesan, belongs to him, lock, stock and barrel. But when Rachaela’s daughter goes missing, she turns to the one man she can rely on for help–Wolf. In the midst of crisis, can a passion be reborn?


Wolf had promised to stay in the bedroom until Jerrel had left. But I should have known better. Wolf was good at meting out instructions, but not so good at taking them. “Would you like some tea, Mr. Lee?” Wolf cordially asked as he poured the steaming water of the kettle into a teacup and added an Earl Grey to steep. He turned to glance at Jerrel with an expression that would have better fitted his face had he lived about a thousand years ago and was about to sack Constantinople.

Jerrel looked him over, immediately sizing him up, and I just knew he noted the dampness of Wolf’s hair from my shower. “I know you,” he said. “You’re my wife’s partner.”

“She’s your ex-wife,” Wolf said, sipping his tea in a dignified manner.

“Not till the papers are filed.”

“Jerrel,” I began, wondering if I should step between them before something happened.

Jerrel offered me a withering look. “So you’re banging the fucking Nazis now?”

I glared at him. “I think you should leave.”

The cup clattered down, so we both turned back to stare at Wolf, who stood at the counter, glaring at Jerrel in a way that made my skin crawl with danger.

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