Touch (The Dollhouse Society) by Jay Ellison


Author: Jay Ellison

Discover the secret behind the mysterious Dollhouse Society…

Daniel Collins’ education as the professional courtier to blind, retired billionaire Alexei Karenina begins. Mr. Karenina begins by teaching Daniel the fundamentals of dominance and submission. First, a trip to a day spa, followed by a sensuous dinner, and finally, Daniel discovers the wonders of being bound and blindfolded, where the only thing in his world is his gentleman’s touch…and his discipline.


Back in the Lincoln, I sat with Mr. Karenina boxing me in against the seat. With his business taken care of, he was feeling friendly and playful. He ran his fingers up the back of my neck, buried them in the short hairs, and leaned down to tease my lips apart with his tongue. Meanwhile, his knee nudged my legs apart and his free hand went to my knee, squeezed gently, and then moved up my leg, inching toward my aching cock. The trousers were more fitted than I generally liked my pants, and the extra pressure in the crotch was doing nothing for my hard-on. He licked all along the seam of my lips before kissing the corner of my mouth. He tasted like scotch and peppermint. His teeth nipped me, and he said in a low, intimate voice, “I trust you were a good boy this week, Daniel? No accidents?”

“No,” I said, and squirmed uncomfortably under the pressure of his hand gripping my thigh so tightly. “Well, just one. But it wasn’t my fault.”

“How was it not your fault, Daniel?”

“I came in my sleep once, but just a little.”

“I told you not to come without my permission.”

“I didn’t mean to! It just happened.”

Mr. Karenina looked down upon me sternly. “What were you dreaming about?”

My ears burned. “You.”

“And what was I doing?”

“I don’t want to say.”

His fingers moved in little circles against the back of my neck, raising shivers along my skin. The pain and pressure in my pants increased. “If you tell me, I won’t punish you for coming.”

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