The Dollhouse Society Volume III: Daniel by Jay Ellison


Author: Jay Ellison

The complete “Daniel” series from Jay Ellison, one of the authors of The Dollhouse Society Series. Includes a steamy bonus story that concludes Daniel and Mr. Karenina’s story. This collection includes:

The Rules of Conduct Inside the Dollhouse
Eyes Wide Open
Teacher’s Pet
Angel in the Dark
Bonus Story: Family Man

Discover the secret behind the mysterious Dollhouse Society, an exclusive collection of powerful men and the modern-day courtesans and courtiers who service them…

*This book contains explicit sexual content, including themes of dominance and submission, voyeurism, consensual BDSM, and role-playing. It is intended for a mature readership and is guaranteed to make you melt down to your shoes.*

Excerpt from the bonus story, Family Man:

I found Sheri down the hall, looking over the master bedroom suite. She ran her hands over Alexei’s massive, gorgeous, wrought-iron bed, then bent to pick up a pair of handcuffs that had fallen to the floor. “Kinky,” she said, and I blushed while she dropped them in my hands and crossed the hall to the one room we had a tendency to keep shut at all times. I stuck the handcuffs in my suit jacket and hurried after her. She opened the door a crack and peeked inside, then slipped inside our darkened, dusty nursery. She looked around the room and said, “What a lonely room, Daniel. What happened with the adoption agency?”

“Oh that,” I said, working to sound casual about it. “Well, we changed our minds. I mean, with our work and everything…”

“Daniel,” she said, giving me that look that told me she didn’t buy my bullshit for even one moment. Like the house, I’d gone on a bit too much about this subject as well, calling her excitedly every time our caseworker set up an appointment, and then avoiding her phone calls for days on end when things inevitably fell through. “I know when you’re lying. The house…the dog…but where’s the baby?” Then she gaped at me. “Was the same sex thing an issue?”

I snorted as I ran my hand over the dresser and looked at the dust on my fingers. The nursery was the one place that Maria didn’t clean regularly. It was almost like she was as upset with how things were going as we were and could barely stand to be in the small room. “Surprisingly, the same sex thing wasn’t an issue,” I told her. “It was Alexei’s age. They said they don’t like to adopt out to a couple where one of the partners is over fifty.”

Sheri stared at me in horror. “Can they do that?”

“They can do anything they want.” I looked around the room and stuck my hands in my pockets. “It’s all cool,” I said with a forced smile and a noncommittal shrug. “We’ve made some new plans.”

“Really?” she said, fingering one of the sad-looking stuffed toys on the changing station.

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