Lady Luck (The Dollhouse Society Origins) by Eden Myles

Announcing a special treat from author Eden Myles. Have you ever wondered what The Dollhouse Society was like a hundred, or even two hundred, years ago? Read on for an exciting new historical series about the most powerful men in the world and the courtesan who service them…


Author: Eden Myles

Discover the origins behind The Dollhouse Society, a collection of powerful men and the courtesans who service them…

Lucille “Lucky” Van der Meer is in dire straights. Her father has gambled away the family fortune and she must turn to his ex-partner, Tiberius Sloan, for a loan in order to start up her father’s failing textile business and save herself from an unscrupulous moneylender. But Mr. Sloan, also known as the Ogre, drives a hard bargain and he’ll take his payment in full…from Lucky herself!


He grabbed my chin, jerked my head up, and kissed me. I had never been kissed before. His mouth was hot and very wet and slightly sweet from the port he had drunk. He kissed me like he meant to consume me. It certainly was nothing like the kisses I had read about in the tales of romance in my father’s library! His free hand moved like lightning to the back of my head and he snared it in my hair to keep me in place as his tongue pushed forcefully into my mouth. His hold on my hair hurt, and yet, at the same time, a delightful feeling trilled through my body. His tongue slithered over my teeth and tangled with mine and I heard a low growling groan come from his throat, a vibration of noise that quickly had me gasping into his mouth in response.

“You realize a true gentleman would never take advantage of a woman in my position,” I panted, my heart slamming against my ribs like a frantic bird in a cage.

“I am a gentleman, yes,” he informed me.

“You certainly don’t act it,” I said as he moved his hand from the back of my head, down my back, and grasped my backside with a startling urgency.

“There are many definition of what a gentleman is,” he said, his voice a faint growl I could feel vibrating in his chest as he crushed my body against the front of him. The warm, sweetly pungent, male scent of him made my head swim and I could feel the sharpness of his arousal pressing into my belly. “In my case, it means I’m part of the Society.”


“It’s what we call ourselves.”

“And what Society is this?”

“The same one your father and mother were a part of.”

“I don’t understand, Mr. Sloan.”

“You’ll know soon enough, my filly.” He guided me toward my four-poster bed and pushed me down in a puff of skirts and undergarments.

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