House of Dolls (The Dollhouse Society Origins) by Eden Myles


Author: Eden Myles

Discover the origins behind The Dollhouse Society, a collection of powerful men and the courtesans who service them…

Lucky Van der Meer and Tiberius Sloan enter into a joint venture with the cotton mill, a partnership meant to pay off Lucky’s father’s debts…if Lucky can endure Tiberius’s overbearing, controlling demeanor. In return, Tiberius means to make Lucky his courtesan and introduce her to the pleasures of the flesh at the Dollhouse. But the strong-willed Lucky may not be so easy to master!


“When we are working, you will address me appropriately. May I remind you of the rules?”

Rules! With him, always rules! A few days earlier, he had sent a letter to me listing all his “rules”—how I was to conduct myself around him and others, how I was to address him. Even how I was to dress! I stood up straight and eyed him with derision.

He stood over me, eyeing me steadily back. “I could punish you for that look, you realize.”

My mouth quirked up in a smile. “You could, but you won’t. You’re not my husband, Mr. Sloan,” I drawled. “You hold no real power over me.”

“I may not be your husband, but I am your gentleman.” He narrowed his ogre-ish eyes. “Get down on your knees.”

I held his eyes until I felt my face blush. “No.”

He reached out and set his hands on my shoulders. “That wasn’t a request, Lucky, it was a command.”

“No! I will not let you treat me this way in my father’s house…!”

“Hush.” He pushed me steadily down until I folded to me knees, my skirts crumpled around me. I looked up at his long body, at the intensity of his face, and as I watched, he ran a hand over the substantial bulge in his breeches. I thought about what we had done that night he visited me in my room and felt my face heat further. A week had passed, but my mortification remained.

Proper women did not do the things I had done with Mr. Sloan. But then, I had ceased to be a proper woman long ago.

“You need training, Lucky, conditioning, to be a proper courtesan.”

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