The Reluctant Bride (The Dollhouse Society Origins) by Eden Myles

After a very brief delay, the Dollhouse Society is back!


Author: Eden Myles

Discover the origins behind The Dollhouse Society, a collection of powerful men and the courtesans who service them…

In a bid to make Tiberius jealous, Lucky allows the comely Stuart Brinkerhoff to court her. But her plan to anger and seduce “the ogre” backfires when Stuart goes too far and announces their imminent engagement! Now a reluctant bride, Lucky must find a way to escape the altar and claim her beloved ogre…at least until her bad luck once again strikes!


I stood up, the water streaming around me, and climbed from the tub. The warmth of the fire warmed my wet skin, but I still shivered as he approached me, went to one knee, and gathered the towel up in his hands. Without saying a word, he began drying me off, starting with my feet and ankles and working his way up slowly over my body. I sat on the edge of the tub and relished the gentle friction of the towel as he worked it over my thighs and lower belly, being careful not to touch me anywhere he thought I might find indecent.

He toweled off my shoulders, keeping his attention on my face, then proceeded to dry my hair. “Why are you being so nice to me?” I finally asked. His robe had fallen a little further open with his work, and I had a clear view of his tightly sculpted body, the line of sparkling dark hair down the centermost part of his body, and his partially erect cock. I could feel the heat of his body soaking into my wet skin. I squirmed at the wetness gathering between my legs at his proximity. It was almost as if God had compensated for his ruined face by giving him the most beautiful body and lovely, thick cock. Just the sight or scent of him was enough to make me lose all my senses, like an itch I could never truly scratch, a wanting that never left me whenever he was near.

“What are you talking about? I’m always nice to you,” he said, his voice soft and intimate as his breath brushed against my cheek. I smelled tobacco on his breath, and brandy, which made me squirm even more. I had come to relish those manly scents. At least I knew now why his skin and cock always tasted faintly sweet. It must be the honey baths that his valet drew for him.

“I went driving with Stuart in his hansom today,” I confessed. “We talked, just talked.”

I watched his face for his reaction but he remained expressionless, focused on his work of toweling me off. Finally, he said, “And what did you talk about?”

“He told me our stocks had redoubled,” I said, hoping this would please Tiberius. At this rate, I would be able to pay him back much sooner than I had expected. “And I told him some scary ghost stories. But then we were caught in the rain, and we took shelter under a tree that was hit by lightning. The witch’s curse, you know.”

He tensed as he finished drying my hair. He looked me over suddenly as if afraid. “Are you all right? Were you hurt?”

“No, we’re fine. We both were.” I looked at him, acutely aware of how he’d left Stuart out of the equation of his worry. But I wanted him to know. “Tiberius…I kissed Stuart.”

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