The Dollhouse Society Volume IV: Lucky by Eden Myles

The Dollhouse Society Volume IV: LuckyTitle: The Dollhouse Society Volume IV: Lucky

Author: Eden Myles

The complete “Lucky” series from Eden Myles, author of The Dollhouse Society Series. Includes a steamy and very special bonus story that concludes Lucky and Tiberius’s story. This collection includes:

The Rules of Conduct Inside the Dollhouse
Lady Luck
House of Dolls
The Reluctant Bride
A Woman on Top
Bonus Story: Two Hundred and Seven Years Later

Discover the secret history behind the mysterious Dollhouse Society, an exclusive collection of powerful men and the modern-day courtesans and courtiers who service them…

*This book contains explicit sexual content, including themes of dominance and submission, voyeurism, consensual BDSM, and role-playing. It is intended for a mature readership and is guaranteed to never make you look at American history the same boring way again.*

Excerpt from the bonus story, Two Hundred and Seven Years Later:

The room was kept in very good repair, as was the rest of the house, but, of course, it was still an old room. Devon smelled the wood and dust. He smelled age, if that was possible. The room was full of sheeted pieces of antique furniture, and dusty shadows seemed to skirt around him as he entered. Old portraiture of a less erotic nature watched from moorings high up on the walls. A chair sat dusty in one corner with a book open upon it, face down, as if the occupant had just stepped out. Devon wondered how long it had been there, enshrined by time and the superstitious members of the Society, and shivered at the thought.

He tried to find the switch for the main lights, then realized there were no switches. The room had never been wired for electricity, he now remembered. Spotting an old oil lamp on a sidebar—left, no doubt, by the last person who had checked the windows—he took up one of the long kitchen matches that that same person had left and struck one, carefully lighting the chimney of the lamp.

Yellow light fluttered winglike across the room, cutting the shadows into geometric patterns of light and dark. Someone gasped, a woman, and Devon grabbed up the lamp and hurriedly turned.

There was a massive, four-poster bed situated at the far side of the room. Sheets stirred dustily.

“Hello?” Devon called, feeling a little stupid but almost certain he had interrupted someone who had likely crept up here during the festivities and had fallen asleep in a drunken stupor on the bed, probably beside her gentleman. No one answered his query. He knew the sudden spurt of worry he felt rubbing between his shoulder blades was rubbish, that he was probably letting his imagination run away with him, so he lifted the lamp and took a bold step toward the bed.

The sheets stirred again as someone retreated from his light. So someone was here…

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