Read Indecent Proposal for free at Amazon…forever!

Attention, my lovelies, the first book in the Dollhouse Society series is now free at Amazon forever and ever! Go now and download and spread the smutty gospel!

Indecent Proposal

Discover the secret behind the mysterious Dollhouse Society, an exclusive collection of powerful men and the modern-day courtesans who service them…

Klutzy temp Evie Christopoulos is summoned into the presence of esoteric tycoon Ian Sterling for reasons unknown. Evie’s a big nobody. She’s just found out that her boyfriend is cheating on her with another woman, her life is at a dead end standstill, and she’s convinced she’ll die a virgin. She can only surmise that she’s about to be canned from the best job she’s ever had.

But her brooding, dark entrepreneur of a boss has other plans for Evie. He’s been watching her, waiting for someone like her. He has a special appetite for virgins, and he means to offer her a new position–the most indecent of proposals! But only if the curvy, shy and alluring Evie can ace the most intimate of interviews…


Enjoy, my sweets!


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