The Great Amazon Debacle

Hey, my lovelies, just a quick head’s up on what’s been going on.

About a week ago I received a complaint from the great Amazon Masters that the titles to the Dollhouse Collections, specifically Evelyn, Rachaela, and Daniel, were considered “too long” and contained “too much description”. We here at CP personally found this a ridiculous accusation. The titles, which generally include what you, the customer, are getting when you purchase our collections, was fashioned to be informative, so you know exactly what you’re downloading. Thus, we included the names of the books in the collection in parentheses. However, in their great wisdom, the Amazon Masters deemed this to be “spam” and commanded that we remove the descriptive content from the titles, which we did, because, after all, we try to be compliant, and we’re more interested in serving you, the customer, than putting up a fuss. And all this in light of the fact that Amazon has no business telling publishers how to market their books.

Lo and behold, five days after the complain, the titles were ripped down. At this point in time, the books Evelyn, Rachaela, and Daniel, are no longer available at Amazon. We’re doing our best to resolve this unusual situation, and we are attempting to be civilized in the face of a ridiculous accusation. So, in the event you’re new to the site, and to the Dollhouse Society, and can’t find the collections, this is the reason why.

While we’re attempting to keep our tempers cooled off and resolve this conflict in a civilized manner, we’re going to redirect you to Smashwords for all your Dollhouse Society needs.

The Dollhouse Society Volume I, Evelyn –

The Dollhouse Society Volume II, Rachaela –

The Dollhouse Society Volume III, Daniel –

Formats at Smashwords include Mobi, so you should have no trouble loading the collections onto your Kindle. Likewise, Nook and Kobo editions are still available everywhere, and we’ve never had issues at those sites.

So far, our attempts to comply with the Amazon Overlord’s bizarre and illogical rules have been met with silence and the books remain un-purchasable, so if you’re searching for the collections, we highly recommend you download them from Smashwords until this can be resolved. And we apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you.


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