50 Shades of Fairy Tales: Courtesan Press Collection No. 2

50 Shades of Fairy Tales: Courtesan Press Collection No. 2Title: 50 Shades of Fairy Tales: Courtesan Press Collection No. 2

Author: Alex Crossman

A collection of naughty fairy tales like you’ve never seen them before from author Alex Crossman. This collection includes:

The Beauty of the Beast

When handsome veterinarian Ben Bellerose is called out to the luxury ranch of retired lion tamer Karl Richter to look at a number of sick ligers, he isn’t prepared for what he finds: a powerful animal attraction, a jaded man whose face is hideously scarred, and a ten-year-old murder mystery. Soon Ben must decide if what he feels for Karl is love or lust, and if beauty alone is enough to tame the savage beast.


Mexican mafia princess Sierra Vasquez is kidnapped away from the alter on her wedding day by small-time hood Valentino Perez. Perez’s main goal is to discover the whereabouts of the mysterious Golden Hand, a fabled treasure worth billions, and he knows that Sierra knows where it is. Too bad Sierra doesn’t! Locking her away in his summer home and threatening her life doesn’t help, but it does produce a mind-blowing sexual friction between the captor and his beautiful captive princess that will forever change both their lives.


A 50 Shades of Fairy Tales / Dollhouse Society crossover! When bachelor and super-slob Ash Bennett is hired on as uber-billionaire Christian Chase’s courtier, no one is more surprised than Ash himself. After all, he has nothing going for him, and he’s the first to admit to it. But it’s said that Chase can sense greatness in people and has an indelible taste in sexual companions. A debutante ball at the Dollhouse and a mysterious pair of shoes are all that’s required to reveal the true magic of the evening.

Beauty’s Sleep

An ugly divorce leaves Fern wounded and seeking, with an empty heart and a new apartment to fill. She thinks buying the big, medieval bed from the mysterious furniture emporium will cheer her up, unaware that the bed has its own agenda. No sooner does she fall asleep on it than she discovers herself whisked away to an alternative universe full of dragons, ogres…and handsome, seductive princes who know exactly what a girl like Fern is missing.

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