Why you deserve to buy yourself an ebook…


You’re the first one up on Monday morning.

You feed and dress all your children (including your husband).

You’re the cook.

You’re the maid.

You’re the dishwasher.

You’re the chauffeur.

You’re the dog groomer and fur-mom.

You’re the bread-winner.

You’re going to find a pair of dirty socks when you move that sofa.

You’re the laundress.

You’re the medic.

You stayed up late last night to bake your daughter cupcakes for the school bake sale.

Today you’ll have a conversation that begins, “Mom, don’t get mad, but…”

You’ll cook dinner tonight, clean the kitchen, and your kids will still manage to mess it up before you go to bed.

Your dishpan will collect dirty dishes from out of the void.

Your kid will forget his lunch at least once this week, making you an extra road trip.

Someone will cut you off today.

The cashier will crush your loaf of bread.

You’re going to get your daughter’s cell phone bill this week.

An apparently zombie apocalypse will hit your son’s room, rendering it unrecognizable.

Someone will make a pop reference today that will make you feel old.

You’ll find yourself singing along with an ABBA song in Wal-mart and realize you are old.

You’ll get in a hot tub only to have someone ring the doorbell.

Your mother will bring up an embarrassing teenage incident in front of your husband today.

Your husband will want more details of this incident later today, probably before bed.

You’ll get into bed only to find the dog in your spot.

And that’s why you deserve an ebook today.


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