50 Shades of Fairy Tales: Volume IV by Roxxy Meyer & Alex Crossman

50 Shades of Fairy Tales Volume IVTitle: 50 Shades of Fairy Tales: Volume IV

Authors: Roxxy Meyer & Alex Crossman

For fans of 50 Shades of Grey and Desperate Housewives, here comes a fun, flirty BDSM series that delivers sexy, mysterious doms and loads of erotic hijinks.

This collection includes:


A 50 Shades of Fairy Tales / Dollhouse Society crossover!

When bachelor and super-slob Ash Bennett is hired on as uber-billionaire Christian Chase’s courtier, no one is more surprised than Ash himself. After all, he has nothing going for him, and he’s the first to admit to it. But it’s said that Chase can sense greatness in people and has an indelible taste in sexual companions. A debutante ball at the Dollhouse and a mysterious pair of shoes are all that’s required to reveal the true magic of the evening.

Beauty Tames The Beasts

Bella Rosen is part of the MMA fighter management team at Strength Inc., and she’s also known as “the calm in the storm” for her ability to counsel troubled athletes her firm represents. But when she agrees to talk to the Beast before his heavyweight championship bout, she gets seduced by two large men then whisked off to an exclusive sex club! Secrets and intrigue pile up, and when the championship match is over she must decide if she wants to get tangled up with two lovers or simply walk away.

Beauty’s Sleep

An ugly divorce leaves Fern wounded and seeking, with an empty heart and a new apartment to fill. She thinks buying the big, medieval bed from the mysterious furniture emporium will cheer her up, unaware that the bed has its own agenda. No sooner does she fall asleep on it than she discovers herself whisked away to an alternative universe full of dragons, ogres…and handsome, seductive princes who know exactly what a girl like Fern is missing.

The Little Mermaid

Charter boat captain Erin Snow never dreamed she’d be a warrior or a mermaid, but she becomes both after a strange visit from two mysterious men claiming to know her missing grandpa’s whereabouts. The men take her deep beneath the sea where they seduce her and train her for a life as a fighter princess, and training includes sexual rituals with handcuffs and spankings.

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