Coming Soon: The Blackstone Hall Series

We here at CP are happy to announce a brand new series that will see release in just a few days. We’re giving you dear readers a head’s up as it’s going to be a very special one to us, and hopefully to you too.

Remember the days when you watched those old Hammer films in the dark of your living room? Remember the gothic romance of Christopher Lee’s Dracula, or the heart-thumping terror of Peter Cushing’s Frankenstein? How about the dark sensuality of The Karnstein Trilogy? Or Oliver Reed’s werewolf? Well, we here are combining those old themes of dark, betwitching horror and romance with our usual brand of eloquent eroticism to give you a brand new series that we guarantee will make you swoon!

First up in our new gothic paranormal series, you’ll meet the witch Marie Beaumont in Blackstone Hall #1: Blood & Lace. A sneak peek of the cover:

Blood & Lace

Visit often for a release date or sign up for notification. We’re looking forward to thrilling you!


4 thoughts on “Coming Soon: The Blackstone Hall Series

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      Hope this helps!

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