Devices & Desires (Blackstone Hall #2) by Madeline Apple

We’re heading into autumn, the trees are changing, the pumpkins are appearing, and you know what that means, my lovelies. Halloween is almost here!

We’re celebrating here at CP with a brand new Blackstone Hall book, so if you like your erotica cut with a little bit of danger and gothic overtones, you’ll love Madeline Apple’s newest. Blessed be!

Devices & DesiresTitle: Devices & Desires (Blackstone Hall #2)

Author: Madeline Apple

Series: Blackstone Hall

Welcome to Blackstone Hall, an alternate dimension where your greatest fears and darkest passions become reality…

The first thing Olivia sees is light. The first thing she hears is the soft, hoarse voice of Dr. Tristan Von Holtz speaking to her, a brilliant scientist hired by Lord Rothschild to heal her from an unremembered accident. But as Olivia slowly begins to remember her shattered past, she becomes aware of a hidden terror–and sinister purpose–to her existence. Elric Rothschild is her fiance, so why does she long to lose herself in Dr. Von Holtz’s embrace and become his own personal pleasure doll?


The first thing I saw was light.

The first thing I heard was a man’s exuberant voice saying, “She’s alive! Franz, come see, she’s alive!”

The light sharpened and took on different forms. I saw darkness and shadow and strange, glistening metal and glass apparatuses surrounding me where I was lying prone on a gurney.

I was in a laboratory of some sort. I saw test tubes, tesla coils, endless shelves of strange poultices in dusty bottles on the walls. I heard a dull buzzing noise in my head. Out beyond the walls of the lab, I heard the dull roar of a storm creeping in.

Soon I recognized two men standing over me. One was tall and broad, middle-aged, with greying hair at his temples and round glasses. His face was severe but very handsome. The second was short and funny-looking. I realized the second man must be a dwarf. He smiled at me and I smiled back.

“She can smile, Franz. Look.”

“You did an excellent job, Doctor,” said the dwarf. “She’s perfect.”

“She is, isn’t she?”

My eyes returned to the larger man. Pride had softened his severe face a little and I felt my heart skip a beat at the sight of his gentle grey eyes, the way they were trained on me. I felt an instant connection with the man.

I’d never believed in love at first sight until now. But yes, I loved him. He was all to me.

“Dr. Von Holtz, you’ve finally done it,” the little man said with admiration. “You’ve created life!”

I tried to say something, to ask questions, but a wave of fatigue overwhelmed and I slipped back into absolute darkness.

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