Blackstone Hall, Volume I by Eden Myles & Madeline Apple

Today we have a ghoulishly, delightfully, erotic-filled treat for you lovelies. Enjoy the sexy scares!

Blackstone Hall Volume ITitle: Blackstone Hall, Volume I

Authors: Eden Myles & Madeline Apple

Series: Blackstone Hall

Welcome to Blackstone Hall, an alternate dimension where your greatest fears and darkest passions become reality…

Two gothic-erotica books in one!

Blood & Lace

Half-gypsy Marie Belmont is summoned by Lord Rothschild to Blackstone Hall to help investigate a rash of gruesome deaths. The villagers and members of Rothschild’s court believe a Vargr is committing the killings–a rabid werewolf with a taste for blood and a human mind for murder. But once there, she encounters Simon Devereux, Rothschild’s Captain of the Guard, a man with moon-silver eyes and a dark past as an ex-soldier and mercenary. Soon Marie finds herself the target of the Vargr’s lunatic wrath, but by turning to Devereux for protection, is she embracing a brave soldier with buried secrets or a man hiding the beast within?

Devices & Desires

The first thing Olivia sees is light. The first thing she hears is the soft, hoarse voice of Dr. Tristan Von Holtz speaking to her, a brilliant scientist hired by Lord Rothschild to heal her from an unremembered accident. But as Olivia slowly begins to remember her shattered past, she becomes aware of a hidden terror–and sinister purpose–to her existence. Elric Rothschild is her fiance, so why does she long to lose herself in Dr. Von Holtz’s embrace and become his own personal pleasure doll?

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