In the Hot Seat: Surrender to His Proposition by Roxxy Meyer

Surrender To His Proposition
Surrender Series Volume 5 (A Surrender Novella)
Roxxy Meyer

About: Surrender To His Proposition is Volume 5 of the Surrender Series, which
continues the story of Surrender Inc., an exclusive sex resort / club
franchise where the elite go to play.

Maya O’ Bannon is a college
student who just wants to follow in her father’s footsteps and be a
teacher, but her life is complicated by her older brother’s MS diagnosis
and mounting medical bills. Through her best friend, she secures a job
as a nanny to reclusive tech billionaire Isaiah Jackson and his husband
Sawyer. After she stumbles in on the two engaged in BDSM play, Isaiah
and Sawyer offer her additional employment as their sex mistress. Can
Maya win these men’s hearts and fill the void left by their dead wife,
or will another woman come between them?

For more bdsm erotic
romance inside Surrender Inc., try out Surrender: Bad Boys ( A Surrender Novella Collection), Surrender To His Game (Surrender Series Volume 4),
Surrender To His Command (Surrender Series Volume 3), Surrender Ever After (Surrender Series Volume 2), and Surrender Forever (Surrender Series Volume 1).

Excerpt: “Maya, could you come here?”

My brother’s voice sends a shiver of
anxiety through my stomach. I know he’s trying to sound calm, but
something is wrong. I dash off the couch and head into his kitchen.
There I find him gripping the counter, blinking hard. His face is tense
and he’s disoriented.

“What’s wrong?” I go to Xander and put an arm around his shoulder.

He gives me a quick smile that fails at covering his fear. “I … umm … I can’t see.”

My heart knocks harder in my chest. “Let’s get you to the couch.”

help him walk the short distance from the counter into the living room,
then help him ease down on the sofa. Sweat beads his brow and worry
ages him.

One month ago, my brother was diagnosed with relapsing
remitting multiple sclerosis. It’s the most common form of the disease,
and it involves relapses, or attacks, where his neurological function
worsens. These are followed by stages of remission, where the disease
seems to almost melt away. But then a new attack occurs. They figure
Xander’s had it for about ten years now, but because he’s one tough
bastard, plowing through most of his pain and hiding it, the doctor’s
only recently discovered he had MS. That and the disease is difficult to
diagnose. The diagnosis came after my brother went temporarily blind
while driving. A scary episode for him, his wife, and their two year

“That’s it, Xander,” I say, peeking at Josh’s playpen to
make sure he’s still asleep. “I’m getting a second job and moving in
here with you and Patty.”

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