The Dollhouse Society: Isabelle by Eden Myles

Welcome a new “doll” into the Society, my lovelies! Isabelle Starling is here to steal your hearts and make her mark!

IsabelleTitle: The Dollhouse Society: Isabelle

Author: Eden Myles

Series: The Dollhouse Society

Secretive. Seductive.

Discover the secret behind the mysterious Dollhouse Society, an exclusive collection of powerful men and women and the modern-day courtesans and courtiers who service them…

Isabelle Starling is in desperate need of a new job. Her grandmother is ill and her student loans are piling up fast. Her best friend Stefan lands her an interview for a housekeeping position for the Michaels brothers, billionaire twins with an indelible taste in women and erotic foreplay. Isabelle is only there to sweep their floors and dust their furniture, but it isn’t long before the sexiest and most eligible twin bachelors in New York City have swept her heart up…right into their arms.


“Izzy Pop, you still looking for part time work on the weekend?” my best friend Stefan Janovich asked, stopping me in the hallway of my dorm by putting his hand on my arm. I looked at it and he quickly yanked it away.

“Sorry,” he said sheepishly. He knew how little I liked being touched by anybody, even my gay best guy friend. He ran his hand nervously through his tousled yet stylishly spiked blond hair and grinned, saying, “You said something the other day…”

“Yeah,” I interrupted. “I did. And yeah, I’m still interested.” I smiled to try and make up for reacting so badly, but it felt fakey. I’d never been a very good liar. It wasn’t that I didn’t trust Stefan; touching just set me off, no matter who was doing it. When I went to concerts with my friends, I avoided the mosh pits like the plague. “What do you have for me?”

He handed me a scrap of paper torn from his notebook. “It’s a housecleaning position. I mean, not glamorous or anything, but it pays really well, and I know…you know, you can use the cash.”

I gaped as I threaded my way around the students in the corridor, Stefan tagging after. “This is a pretty exclusive neighborhood, Stef.”

“Yeah, well, the guy’s pretty exclusive.” He gestured up and down his handsome face with a hand as we walked toward my dorm room. “Dr. Michaels is the surgeon who fixed my face pro bono back when.”

“Oh,” I said, catching on. “Yeah, I think I remember him.”

I had vague memories of a tall, cold-faced doctor swiftly passing me in the halls when I was going to visit Stefan in the hospital.

Stef and I had grown up together, but when he was thirteen, he and his mom were in a terrible car crash. They both made it, thankfully, but the windshield shattered and Stefan’s face was cut up pretty badly. It took seven surgeries by Dr. Dorian Michaels, the top plastic surgeon in the city, to restore his natural good looks, but despite all the pain and recovery time, Stefan had been a real trooper through it all.

“I remember you said you couldn’t stop fantasying about him.”

He grinned at that. “He’s pretty hot. But I think he’s a little out of my league.”

“Too old. Too rich,” I guessed.

Stefan laughed. We were both so poor!

“He gay?”

“I wouldn’t send you to him if he wasn’t,” he said.

“You just want me to fix you up.”

He laughed again. “Maybe.”

“Aww, poor Stef, always the bridesmaid, never the bride,” I said as I reached my room. Stefan always had a lot of boyfriends, but his many relationships never seemed to amount to much, mostly because Stefan was a notorious wanderer. As soon as he had a great guy, he started finding flaws and looking for greener pastures.

“I’m just picky.”

“Uh-huh.” I keyed open my door and turned. “Wanna hang? I have double fudge ice cream and The Scarlet Pimpernel from Redbox.” The Scarlet Pimpernel was Stefan’s favorite movie. He had a massive crush on Leslie Howard.

Stefan sort of hmmed and hawed, and I quickly got the feeling he had something hot and well-muscled planned for tonight. Still, I knew he didn’t want to leave me alone. I’d been there for him all through his recovery. He wanted to be here now for mine.

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