The Dollhouse Society: Charlotte by Eden Myles

Welcome a new doll to the Dollhouse, my lovelies. Charlotte has a gun and a badge. She works hard…and she plays even harder.

The Dollhouse Society: CharlotteTitle: The Dollhouse Society: Charlotte

Author: Eden Myles

Series: The Dollhouse Society

Secretive. Seductive.

Discover the secret behind the mysterious Dollhouse Society, an exclusive collection of powerful men and women and the modern-day courtesans and courtiers who service them…

Charlotte Hu lives to serve and to protect. As one of New York’s Finest, she’s utterly dedicated to putting the bad guys away. But when sexy gangster–and former boyfriend–Lachlan Swann becomes the focus of her newest investigation, Charlotte has to figure out how to balance her job against the raging attraction she still feels for the ultimate bad boy.


On Friday night, after doing some light grocery shopping, I was walking toward my brownstone in the Soundview Development—not a pretty building, but it had a good neighborhood watch—when I spotted a black Lincoln Town Car parked out front. It stuck out in this neighborhood like a sore thumb. I immediately recognized the plates from various police records. With a heavy sight, I walked toward it.

The rear window rolled down and Lachlan Swann said, “I had nothing to do with Michael or that girl’s murder.”

I caught a whiff of Lachlan’s imported Egyptian cologne. I looked in at a man I might have loved—had we not wound up on opposite sides of the law. I felt my heart thud hard against my breastbone at the sight of those oh-so-familiar, broody green eyes. “I don’t think Michael sees it that way, Lachlan. For your information, he’s spilling his guts all over the interrogation floor.”

He nodded. “With the death penalty hanging over the kid’s head, he’ll give his Uncle Vinnie up in a heartbeat, for sure, not that I can blame him.” His statement surprised me. As far as I was aware, Lachlan and Vinnie were thick as thieves. “In fact, I’m willing to help you put Castellano away forever …for the right price.”

I thought maybe I hadn’t heard right. I turned to glance at my brownstone, wondering if this was some kind of trap. But I didn’t see any suspicious men ready to ambush me into Lachlan Swann’s limo. I looked back at the big, lean, debonair man sitting so casually on the seat of the car in his dark, pinstripe, cashmere suit. “You’re going to rat out Vinnie?”

“For a price,” he reminded me.

“Would Vinnie like that, being his chief enforcer and all? Gangsters get real cranky when the dog they feed bites them.”

Swann sat there a long moment. “I’m not afraid of Vinnie, Charlotte. I can handle him.”
I nodded. “If you meet me in the DA’s office tomorrow…”

“No,” Lachlan said, cutting me off. His broody green eyes narrowed and he reached through the window to take my hand by the wrist. I felt a spark of electricity in his touch. “Not tomorrow. Not the DA. Tonight. Just you.” He unlocked his door and opened it. “I make the deal with you, Charlotte, and no one else.”

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