On the Cry Wolf promotion

We found out today that there was a little confusion and anger with regards to the Cry Wolf promo on All Romance. According to the fine ladies at ARE, Cry Wolf was advertised as a hot promo deal in their newsletter, but some readers were dismayed to learn the price had gone back to retail before they had a chance to purchase the book.

We wanted to clarify that. The first Cry Wolf promo we hosted was a one-day holiday sale for St. Patrick’s Day, which we held on Monday. The way promotions work at ARE is you set the promotional discount, in this case 50%, and the time frame you want the promo to run. We set it for just over a day (Monday to Tuesday). That promotion ran out yesterday, Wednesday, but due to the great response we had, we decided to extend the promotional price for a few more days and reset the promo price in late morning. However, we were not aware that the fine ladies at ARE had placed the book in their promotional newsletter, so there was a brief crossover period of a few hours yesterday where the price was reset to retail. We have since set it back to promotion, and we plan to keep it there for a few more days.

I hope you can forgive the confusion and will take advantage of this great opportunity to immerse yourself in Jay Ellison’s work. Thank you all for your wonderful and continued support of books at Courtesan Press!


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