In the Hot Seat: Man and the Beast by J. Ashburn

Greetings, lovelies. Today we welcome a brand new voice in m/m erotica and we are super-excited to be hosting the first book in the Beast Within Trilogy by J. Ashburn! The author brings some amazing new twists to the m/m werewolf erotica subgenre and we hope you’ll check out the author’s debut posthaste! You know how much we at Courtesan Press love our werewolf manlove.

Man and the BeastAlec Ashcroft is afraid. Afraid of himself, the black outs, the hunger, and of what he might be capable of doing. See, Alec is a shifter, a wolf and he doesn’t know how to control his extraordinary power. Refusing to put his boyfriend Matt or his family at risk, Alec runs away from everything. He must protect others from his dark side and hopefully find the answers he’s been seeking all of his life.

The town of Redfern seemed the perfect escape, lots of forest land and animals to hunt, until Alec met Luca. Dark, seductive, sexy, Luca is like Alec and the scent of him drives Alec wild. He shows Alec how to control and use his power to his advantage and soon Luca exerts his allure over him. The two become entwined in a passionate and wild relationship with Luca even inviting him to join his pack high up in the mountains above town. Is this enigmatic new stranger to be trusted or is there something more sinister going on? All Alec wants to believe is that he’s finally found someone to calm the Beast Within.


He started toward the water’s edge when he felt a presence and a new smell in the air. Something wild, feral, yet deeply sensual. He looked up at the deadfall and saw a man sitting on it, wearing a white button shirt, open to reveal a matching white tank underneath. Alec looked him up and down, following his black pants to his bare feet. He looked back up at the stranger with his dark raven hair.

The man gave him a boyish grin. “Looking for the other half of your soul?”

“Huh,” Alec croaked, it was the only thing he could think of. He was captivated by this man.

“Feels like you lost not only that but your mind,” the stranger continued. “Don’t worry, they’re both still there.”

“How did you know what I was thinking?”

“Because I know that look. I used to have it. The fear. Confusion. Guilt. All rolled together. You’re finally going through the awakening.”

“The what?”

“The awakening. That’s what we call it.”


“Yes, people like us.

“Sorry, you must have me mistaken for someone else. I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Oh, but you do.” The stranger slid off the deadfall to stand in the midst of tangled tree roots in his bare feet.

Alec felt his heart speed up, thumping excitedly against his chest. His pulse throbbed in his wrists. He grew warm. There was an air around this man, a darkly handsome man with enigmatic eyes, ruddy skin with a five o’clock shadow on his face. God, it was sexy. Alec felt rooted to the spot, unable to pull himself away.

“You know what you are,” the man said. “Deep down, you know. You’re a shifter. A wolf. A human wolf, and the beast that lay dormant all of your life has finally woken up. You’re a natural born.”

“Listen, this is getting weird.”

“You’re a shifter man. A werewolf. You should start accepting it now.”

“Okay.” Alec put up his hands. “This is bullshit. There are no such things.” He turned to leave and felt a hand grip his shoulder. The stranger was standing behind him suddenly.

He leaned against Alec’s face, his lips against his ear, and whispered. “Do the dreams still come? Your lovers dead at your hands, torn, ripped to shreds? The blackouts at first, waking up naked, covered in blood?”

Alec stood stunned, speechless. The man’s touch sent shockwaves through his body. His blood boiled, sweat drooled down his temples. He instantly hardened, his dick threatening to burst through his shorts.

“I dreamed of you, Alec. We were meant to meet. Here. Now. I’m Luca.” With the uttering of his name, Luca ran both hands down Alec’s chest to his waist. He grabbed Alec’s hips and thrust himself against Alec’s ass.

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