The Wolves of Wall Street at 50% off at All Romance!

The Wolves of Wall Street

Happy almost summer, my lovelies! For a limited time, celebrate the much anticipated–and let’s face it–much needed warm weather by getting 50% off The Wolves of Wall Street! Just because we love summer and we love you readers! All Romance only!

Cry WolfCry Wolf (The Wolves of Wall Street #1)

Call of the Wild…

Kevin Sullivan has never minded being a werewolf. He has a great job, a little sister who adores him, and plenty of good friends. But an erotic encounter with Roman Le Feuvre, the sexy, mysterious Alpha of the Bloodmoon Pack, leaves Kevin feeling lost, lonely and desperate for companionship for the first time in his life. Roman is shrewd as both master of Wall Street and king of the New York werewolves, but he harbors a dark secret that’s about to turn Kevin’s world upside down. Kevin wants nothing more than to find his place in Roman’s pack–and in his heart!–but dark forces may leave him crying wolf. Buy at ARE >>

Lone WolfLone Wolf (The Wolves of Wall Street #2)

Caught between human passion and animal magnetism…

William Le Feuvre is a wolf without a pack. He’s chosen to live his life on the fringes of werewolf society, estranged from his father Roman, separated from his family, and at odds with his former pack mate, Errick–the only man who can bring the animal out in him. But when the local werewolf packs come under attack by a brutal and unstoppable force, William finds he has no choice but to align himself with his former pack if any of them wants to survive. But doing so means confronting the handsome, sexy and short-tempered Errick, now a powerful alpha in his own right–and the man William betrayed years earlier. Soon William finds himself walking a delicate line between the world of humans and monsters, dangerous passions and deadly secrets. Buy at ARE >>


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