In the Hot Seat: Lure of the Beast by J. Ashburn

LureofthebeastebookJ. Ashburn is back with us and has unleashed the second book in the Beast Within trilogy! Lure of the Beast continues the story where Man and the Beast left off.

Alec finds more romance and intrigue in the mountain town of Redfern as he must deal with his angry sister Rachelle, a new shifter that has blown into town and the revelation that the Pure Blood is finally closing in on him.

Don’t miss any of the action, romance, lust and adventure as Alec and his friends face new challenges in their fight to tame… The Beast Within.

Lure of the Beast is book 2 in the Beast Within Trilogy. It is strongly recommended that you read Book 1: Man and the Beast before starting this book and we happen to suspect that J Ashburn will be putting book 1 on sale real soon. Check J. Ashburn’s official blog Sunday night!

Get Lure of the Beast:
Nook: coming soon. Nook Press is taking its sweet time.
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Read an Excerpt:

Alec was compelled to run to the parking area and take a break. He took a deep breath, and as soon as he let it out, he heard music, the same music from before. It was a seductive melody that instantly captivated him.

Alec let the music fill him–a guitar, the strings played with awesome skill. He found himself approaching the trailheads, and one in particular beckoned to him. Shadows danced along the trail, frolicking, blending together. He stepped into the shadows and followed the trail as it ascended steeply into the mountains.

The music stirred him, pulling him along, up into the mountains with a strong hold on his heart and wolf soul. Alec rushed without knowing where he was going, without looking back, without a thought of anything else. He was a slave to the music. It was almost as if he could see a physical manifestation of it. The trail seemed sprinkled with glitter, but it wasn’t really glitter as there was nothing really there. The music told him it was and so he followed. Followed this imaginary trail of stardust as it curled up the path.

Nothing existed except the music now. He followed it like a pup, wanting to bask in it, find its source and wrap himself around it, suckle from it, love it. The trail crossed with a host of others before ending in a notch with a cluster of trees. A young man sat under the largest tree. He had shaggy brown hair and a wispy beard on his chin. His eyes were a glinting green. A beaded choker adorned his neck, and he wore four or five leather bracelets on his right wrist, the same wrist that gently strummed an acoustic guitar. He was the source of the music.

Alec watched him play the guitar as if he were making love to it, working his fingers over the strings with a sensual touch, a lover’s touch. Alec swooned, the music wrapped around him, embracing him with an erotic tickle. His heart beat just a bit faster and sweat beaded across his forehead. He wanted the musician and his nimble fingers, his magical hands. Everything about him was sexy. The way his hair caught the sunlight, the way his denim shirt hugged his chest and how it was halfway unbuttoned. Alec could glimpse a bit of chest hair and it looked inviting.

Alec was about to step into view when a young blond man stepped out of the forest across the notch. Behind him, a dark haired man with a beard followed. The musician stopped playing and set down his guitar. The music stopped. The musician stood up and the two strangers went up to him and began making out with him.

With the music gone, Alec regained control of himself and held back, hiding himself within the trees off his trail, but he continued to watch. The two strangers unbuttoned the musician’s shirt. The blond man sucked on his nipples as the dark haired man caressed his neck, sticking his tongue in his ear.

The blond and dark haired man took off their shirts and slid themselves down the musician’s legs. They unbuttoned his pants and yanked them down to his ankles…


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