Dark Wolf (The Wolves of Wall Street) by Jay Ellison

Dark WolfMore Pack politics and passion in the Amazon/ARE bestselling series!

Title: Dark Wolf

Series: The Wolves of Wall Street

Author: Jay Ellison

She was on the run from her dark past…

Jillian Fever is a she-wolf at home in the human world. Despite being the estranged “mafia princess” daughter of Roman Le Feuvre, she has a wonderful day job, good friends, and a handsome and loving boyfriend named Ethan Twofeathers. But a dark remnant from her shattered, bloodstained past is about to rear its shaggy head and put Jillian on the run, with Ethan close on her heels. Ethan knows nothing about Jillian’s dark heritage. He knows only that he loves her and will do anything to protect her. But when a series of clues brings him to the doorstep of Giovanni St. Constantine, Jillian’s ex-lover and the dangerously sexy alpha of the Rhea Silvia Pack, a powerful animal attraction threatens to throw all three of them into a supernatural tailspin. Meanwhile, Jillian’s dark stalker is closing in, and his arrival will change the lives of all those unfortunate enough to cross his path.


Jace roared and plunged after her, much faster on his four feet than she was. Jill knew she couldn’t outrun him, so she did the only thing she could—she reached down for a large rock and swung around just as Jace reached her. She saw his burning, evil eyes in the last seconds before she pitched the rock as hard as she could into his face. She might have been in her human form, but she had more power behind her pitch than most major league pitchers. Jace yelped and fell away, his paws rubbing at his broken and bloodied nose.

Jill didn’t wait around to see him recover. She raced full tilt toward the gate, running faster than any human could. Jace let out an unearthly howl behind her and dashed after her. He might be faster than she, but Jill had a few seconds handicap and she reached the edge of the enclosure first.

There was no time to key in the security code; Jill vaulted to the top of the fence. It was just a little too high, even for a she-wolf, and she only made it three-quarters of the way up. She kicked out with her sneakered feet, clawing at the reinforced steel links as she struggled to make it over, but Jace, too, was nimble, and very, very determined.

Enraged. Or maybe en-lusted was a better word for what he had.

Just before she made it to the top, she felt his hot, stinking breath on her back, then his teeth clamping down around one of her legs like a steel trap full of scissoring teeth. The fabric of her jogging pants shredded, her skin tore. She heard the sound of her own flesh ripping. Suddenly, Jill’s entire body was alight with scorching pain. She couldn’t help herself. She screamed, head tilted back toward the gravid moon drifting carelessly overhead. Her cry ended on a high, primal note of pain and outrage, and every doglike creature in the sanctuary responded to it. For one moment, the night was skewered with a symphony of howls and yips.

She wanted to change—she needed to change—but her mind and body were wracked with too much pain for her to concentrate as Jace shook her like a terrier with a bone. She was whipped violently against the fence, then ripped away as Jace threw her down onto the ground with such force her breath was knocked from her pain-riddled body…

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