Alphas: Rakes and Shifters

Alphas: Rakes and ShiftersWe’re introduing another great collection that’s also a Kindle exclusive. Remember, you can read it for free if you’re an Amazon Prime member!

Title: Alphas: Rakes and Shifters

Authors: Eden Myles, Jay Ellison, Madeline Apple, Alex Crossman, & M.J. Sellers

Series: Alphas


alpha (adjective):

1. Having the most power in a group of animals or people

2. socially dominant especially in a group of animals (an alpha male)

This collection from All Romance, Bookstrand and Amazon bestselling authors Eden Myles, Alex Crossman, Madeline Apple, Jay Ellison and M.J. Sellers contains 7 more books about love, lust and submission to some of the most powerful alpha men on earth. Lose yourself in stories about lusty shifters, fairy tales knights, powerful doms, and the men and women who serve their every need.

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This collection includes:

  • The Little Mermaid by Madeline Apple (Fairy Tale/Fantasy Romance: M/F)
  • The Dollhouse Society: Stefan by Jay Ellison (Billionaire/New Adult Romance: M/M/M)
  • Cinderfella by Alex Crossman (Billionaire/Fairy Tale Romance: M/M/F)
  • The Dollhouse Society Origins: Lucky by Eden Myles (Historical Romance: M/F)
  • Dark Wolf by Jay Ellison (Werewolf/Suspense Romance: M/M/F)
  • Beauty’s Sleep by Alex Crossman (Fairy Tale/Fantasy Romance: M/F)
  • PLUS A BONUS NOVEL: The Cowboy Way by M.J. Sellers (Cowboy Romance: M/M)

174K of seduction, submission and romance! It’s another great way for newcomers to sample Courtesan Press titles!

Available exclusively from AMAZON US, AMAZON UK, & AMAZON CA


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