Mephisto’s Waltz (Elegant Little Bites #2) by Alex Crossman

Mephisto's WaltzA little post-Halloween shiver for you lovelies…in a good way!

Title: Mephisto’s Waltz

Author: Alex Crossman

Series: Elegant Little Bites

Elegant Little Bites are perfect 10K jewels of erotic goodness designed specifically for your busy schedule–enjoy them on your lunch break, during your evening soak in the tub, just before bedtime, or anytime you need a quick romantic getaway!

Mephisto’s Waltz

Kat has spent most of her life alone, moving from town to town, working in a long string of sleazy dives as a pole dancer. When she gets the opportunity to dance for Mephisto’s Waltz, one of the hottest gentlemen’s clubs on the Las Vegas Strip, it seems like a dream come true. But something about the devilishly hot owner, Mr. Angelus, and his two gorgeous companions, has Kat worried. They seemed well-versed in the ways of the sensual arts, and they hold a hypnotic power over all those they encounter. It isn’t long before Kat finds herself falling hard for them–and falling under their spell. They claim she is “one of them,” but there’s a price to be paid for wielding the dark arts.


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