Sexy Devils (5 Scorching Books in One)

What better way to heat up your cold, mid-winter’s night than with some sizzling hot, sexy devils? Yeah, we thought so too! And the best part is if you have a Prime Membership, you can read it for free!

Happy Holidays, my lovelies, whatever you celebrate!

Sexy DevilsTitle: Sexy Devils

Authors: Eden Myles, Jay Ellison, Madeline Apple, Alex Crossman, & M.J. Sellers

Series: Sexy Devils

Mysterious doms…sexy bad boys…shadowy alphas that walk on the dark side…sweet and sassy devils, all of them. Heat up your cold nights with five tales that will burn up your e-reader…and your heart!

This collection includes:

Mephisto’s Waltz by Alex Crossman (MFFF)

Kat has spent most of her life alone, moving from town to town, working in a long string of sleazy dives as a pole dancer. When she gets the opportunity to dance for Mephisto’s Waltz, one of the hottest gentlemen’s clubs on the Las Vegas Strip, it seems like a dream come true. But something about the devilishly hot owner, Mr. Angelus, and his two gorgeous companions, has Kat worried. They seemed well-versed in the ways of the sensual arts, and they hold a hypnotic power over all those they encounter. It isn’t long before Kat finds herself falling hard for them–and falling under their spell. They claim she is “one of them,” but there’s a price to be paid for wielding the dark arts.

The Dollhouse Society: Charlotte by Eden Myles (MF)

Charlotte Hu lives to serve and to protect. As one of New York’s Finest, she’s utterly dedicated to putting the bad guys away. But when sexy gangster–and former boyfriend–Lachlan Swann becomes the focus of her newest investigation, Charlotte has to figure out how to balance her job against the raging attraction she still feels for the ultimate bad boy.

The Cowboy Way by M.J. Sellers (MM)

Jesse is proud to run the Circleville Ranch, a rescue and rehabilitation ranch for retired rodeo horses and children with physical and cognitive disabilities, but the recession has taken its toll and he’s in deep financial trouble. When the rich, uber-sexy father of one of his star pupils offers to buy his services as a horseback riding instructor–and part-time fling–Jesse jumps at the chance. After all, Mr. Dunhill is smoking hot, but the shady New York business guru isn’t called “the Park Avenue gangster in a nice Brioni suit” for nothing.

Red by Madeline Apple (MF)

Sadie “Red” Redner is awakened in the middle of the night by word of her grandmother’s illness. She’s hesitant to accept a ride from her hard-nosed boss, Frank Lupo, but faced with no alternatives, she finds herself sharing a jeep with a real wolf who works hard and plays harder.

Hungry for a Hero by Jay Ellison (MM)

As a newspaperman, Simon Strand has followed the heroic exploits of The Blue Angel for years, trading his broken love life for endless work. As Central City’s number one protector, the sensual and mysterious Angel has inspired thousands and has a huge fan following–including Simon. Then a chance encounter with the super sexy superhero changes Simon’s life forever. Fanboy lust is one thing, but surrendering his heart to the Blue Angel may require a feat of super-strength even he is incapable of.

Plus previews & excerpts!

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