Alpha Grrrls by Eden Myles and Jay Ellison

We have a special treat for you today and we think you’ll find it’s just grrrreat!

Alpha GrrrlsTitle: Alpha Grrrls

Authors: Eden Myles and Jay Ellison

Bad boys…badder girls…

Alpha girls just want to have fun…with their bad boy toys! 3 books in one!

This collection includes:

The Dollhouse Society: Margo by Eden Myles

Margo Faulkner is a lady–not just in name but in rank. She’s the first female “gentleman” to gain full membership in the mysterious and secretive Dollhouse Society. But when she sets her sights on her partner, Robert Burkett, with an intention toward turning the sexy, mysterious attorney into her own personal courtier and sex slave, she finds that she isn’t the only one harboring secrets.

Dark Wolf by Jay Ellison

Jillian Fever is a she-wolf at home in the human world. Despite being the estranged “mafia princess” daughter of Roman Le Feuvre, she has a wonderful day job, good friends, and a handsome and loving boyfriend named Ethan Twofeathers. But a dark remnant from her shattered, bloodstained past is about to rear its shaggy head and put Jillian on the run, with Ethan close on her heels. Ethan knows nothing about Jillian’s dark heritage. He knows only that he loves her and will do anything to protect her. But when a series of clues brings him to the doorstep of Giovanni St. Constantine, Jillian’s ex-lover and the dangerously sexy alpha of the Rhea Silvia Pack, a powerful animal attraction threatens to throw all three of them into a supernatural tailspin. Meanwhile, Jillian’s dark stalker is closing in, and his arrival will change the lives of all those unfortunate enough to cross his path.

His to Tame by Eden Myles

Morgan Fawkes is a self-proclaimed control freak. As acquisitions editor of Harper House’s romance imprint, she has to be. And yes, the fact that she runs the romance department but has never had a romance that’s lasted more than six months is not lost on her. Talk about cosmic irony. Then her boss, Malcolm Sloan, suggests she try on the life of a courtesan for size, just for a little while…and he has the perfect gentleman in mind. Malik Tallman, ex-MMA fighter and CEO of Graffiti Records, is a hard man from a troubled past. As founder of one of the biggest record labels in the country, Malik does not suffer fools lightly. As a gentleman, his brutal, unforgiving disciplines are legendary…and not for the faint of heart. If Morgan wants to succeed as his courtesan, she must learn quickly to submit completely or suffer the sweet wrath at the end his merciless flogger. Too soon it’s a war of wills between Morgan and Malik–a war that might just leave both of them changed forever.

This book is a work of erotica and is rated Sextreme. 18 years and older only, please.

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