The Master’s Pet, Part 2: Owned by Eden Myles

Part 2 of our ongoing serial is now available everywhere!

The Master's Pet, Part 2Title: The Master’s Pet, Part 2: Owned

Author: Eden Myles

Series: The Master’s Pet

Kitten’s secret has been discovered by her Master, Dane Trevelyan. Now he knows that Kitten is educated and capable of making up her own mind, and he’s forced to make some difficult decisions regarding her future. Will he keep her as a novelty, sell her to another, or, God help her, send her to Obedience Training? Kitten is terrified to discover her fate, but at the same time, her desire for Master is as strong as ever. How can Kitten be so afraid of a man and yet be completely undone by his touch, his kiss? She can’t get enough of Master, and Master is sweetly addicted to her taste. Will it be enough to save her? Will it save them both?

This is a 17,000 word story about a gorgeous vampire master and his pretty, rebellious sub, and is the second part of a six part series.

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Oh, I wished I could undo the last few hours. I wished I could just crawl away and die somewhere, but I was stuck here, sitting in a chair in the library while my Master stood over me, demanding answers.

I fidgeted in my chair, picked at the corner of my thumbnail.

Master watched me carefully, waiting for me to explain myself. I had not done so very well the first time. I’d spoken in fits and starts, tripping all over myself. I doubt I’d made very much sense at all. “I…I don’t know what you want me to say,” I finally squeaked out.

“I want you to tell me the truth. Kitten, look at me.”

I looked up but it was hard to meet my Master’s burning amber gaze. He owned me. He could do whatever he wanted with me. Pets were not people. We had no rights under the laws of the land. He could keep me, use me, breed me, sell me. My life…my future…was in his hands. I felt like a small rabbit with a hawk about to descend upon it…

And as a special bonus, The Little Death (The Erotic Mysteries of Dorian Gray) are now available everywhere as well!

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