In the Hot Seat: Laura Lux

Hello, my lovelies! We hope you’re staying cool, though we don’t see how that’s possible with all the red-hot, sizzling titles this summer!

Today we’re featuring a new author to the digital publishing world and of M/M fiction–Laura Lux! Laura loves epic fantasy and sword and sorcery, so she has decided to pen her own fantasy tales with a gay twist!

She hails from New England and lives with her hubby and 2 very demanding felines. Laura has published her very first works, Tribal Law and Flaxen Warrior: a double feature love story set in ancients times. It¹s the age of swords and stones, of savage warriors and unquenchable desires! Two bitter enemies suddenly discover each other in a new world.

Don¹t miss out on these short tales of lust and adventure featuring courageous men and hard bodies. These are only the first of many tales, all serializations, to come!

Purchase her titles at your favorite retailer:

Tribal LawTribal Law
by Laura Lux

All Romance:


Flaxen WarriorFlaxen Warrior: Tribal Law 2
by Laura Lux

All Romance:


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