The Master’s Pet, Part 3: Taken by Eden Myles

Part 3 of our sizzling BDSM vampire series is here!

The Master's Pet Part 3Title: The Master’s Pet, Part 3: Taken

Author: Eden Myles

Series: The Master’s Pet

Kitten’s loyalty to her Master, Dane Trevelyan, is about to be put to the test. In a bid to raise his standing on the Vampire Council, Dane agrees to mate with Lord Edmund Lorkin’s daughter, Lydia. But according to the ancient vampire laws, that means that Kitten must now become the property of Lydia as well as Master. She must serve them both and live to please not only the gorgeous Dane, but also the beautiful, ancient Lydia as well. Kitten doesn’t know what to expect. What if Lydia is as cruel as her father? Will her beloved Master choose to forsake his own people to protect her…or is Kitten finally on her own, a simple plaything of the vampire gentry?

This is a 15,000 word story about a gorgeous vampire master and his pretty, rebellious sub, and is the third part of a six part series.

Don’t forget to read the first two parts!

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Master commanded me up on the antique poster bed. I trusted him so obeyed him at once. He tied my leash to the headboard and positioned me so I was lying in the middle of the bed, still dressed in my cocktail dress. Sitting beside me, Master ran his long, skillful fingers down over my face and lips. “Afraid?”

“No,” I told him, purring in my throat to show him how much I wanted him, how much I trusted him. He leaned forward. His lips were soft and giving, and his mouth greedy and searing hot. His sharp teeth pricked my bottom lip as he kissed me. He consumed me, breathed into me. I moaned as his taste overwhelmed me. I reached up to grab at the front of his dinner jacket, but he caught both of my wrists in one of his hands, then leaned back to loosen his cravat. He used it to bind my wrists over my head to the wrought iron headboard of the bed.

“And now?” His voice was darker, his eyes wilder, as he kissed the knot in the silken material.

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Look for The Master’s Pet, Part 4: Lost coming soon!


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