The Master’s Pet, Part 4: Lost by Eden Myles

We know we left you lovelies on a cliffhanger, well read on to find out Kitten’s fate. Lost in a futuristic London on the verge of war between the species, almost anything can happen.

The Master's Pet Part 4Title: The Master’s Pet, Part 4: Lost

Author: Eden Myles

Series: The Master’s Pet

Captured and caged by the malevolent Lord Lorkin, Kitten’s fate seems sealed: she will be sold off to the highest bidder to be used for breeding stock, leaving Lorkin’s mortal enemy, Dane Trevelyan, bereft of his beloved Pet. Dane, meanwhile, is combing the streets of London along with his network of friends, looking for his darling Pet. Grey is doing his best to comfort the physically and mentally wounded Dane, but will it be enough? Time is running out for Kitten. Will Dane ever see her again?

This is a 16,500 word story about a gorgeous vampire master and his pretty, rebellious sub, and is the fourth part of a six part series. Read the other parts:

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One of the lackeys was laughing at me and making crude jokes with his buddies in a thick Cockney accent. Infuriated, full of both pain and fear, I pushed myself to my feet and turned on them, eyeing them through the iron bars of my prison cell.

“Where am I?” I demanded to know with as much venom as I could summon at the moment. I’d meant my words to sound charged with indignation, but all I could manage was a rasp past my injured throat. I limped forward and grabbed the cold bars. “What is this place? I am the property of Lord Dane Trevelyan! You have no right to keep me here!”

They just laughed and laughed until I saw Lord Lorkin pushing them aside. The man was large and robust, with a keen, cruel face and slate-grey hair. He was dressed in a long black traveling coat, the darkness of which flushed the little color from his cheeks. As he approached, I instinctively shirked at the shadowy, deathlike image of the man. Here was my worst nightmare—the man who meant me harm. The man who hated me for no other reason than because Master had embarrassed him.

“You’re awake, little Pet,” he said, grabbing the bars. He was powerful looking enough that I feared he might bend them and reach in for me like some cartoon cat after a canary. “That’s good. How are you feeling?”

“Poorly,” I told him. I hugged myself, trying not to shiver. “I want to go home, Lorkin.”

“You are home.” He indicated the dank accommodations. “This is your home for the foreseeable future.”

His statement made my blood boil. “When Master finds out…!”

“Dane will never find out. He will never find this place, I assure you. I’m sure he’ll do his best to look for you, of course, but eventually he’ll give up. He’ll have to.” Lorkin smirked at that.

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