In the Hot Seat: Raven Ascending by J. Ashburn

12279688_10153814214704198_1144963248_oJ. Ashburn is thrilled to bring you the final chapter in The Boys of Raven Cove Series.

Raven Ascending, the third book in the series, answers all of your questions and then some. Don’t miss any of the love, lust, magic and adventure in the exciting climax!

From the synopsis:

Sage, the dark witch, has finally found the Book of the First Witch and there will be Hell to pay. His reign of terror is about to begin and there is nothing to stand in his way… or is there?

Meanwhile Julian and the boys prepare for the worst, with Mia’s help they set up defenses to protect each other and all of Raven Cove.

Not everything is as it seems, however, in this tale of magic, suspense, love and life. Can anything stop Sage and his dark coven? Will Julian and Chris ever find their way back to each other?

Find out how all ends in the climatic third book, Raven Ascending.
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