The Master’s Pet, Part 5: Hunted by Eden Myles

pet_part5_websiteThe finale of The Master’s Pet is here! Discover the fate of Dane and Kitten…it may not be what you expect!

Title: The Master’s Pet, Part 5: Hunted

Author: Eden Myles

Series: The Master’s Pet

Seemingly betrayed by her Master, Kitten has aligned herself with Black Jack and his rebels. Meanwhile, Master and Grey are scouring all of London in a desperate attempt to find their beloved. Time is running out and the Summit Meeting is upon them. A chance encounter will change everything. A battle will be fought, a betrayal uncovered, and Master and Kitten will be reunited, but will it be as enemies or lovers? Can Master and Kitten’s fiery passion change the vampire gentry–and, indeed, the whole world–or will both be lost forever?

This is a 18,500 word story about a gorgeous vampire master and his pretty, rebellious sub, and is the fifth and final part of a five part series.

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Part 2:

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The dream I had was similar in tone to the first one about Master. We were lying together under our favorite tree in the Meadow while I read to him. Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth had just finalized their engagement details when he rolled over and threw one fair, muscular arms over my waist. “And they lived happily ever after,” he said with a grin just before claiming my lips in a kiss.

I laughed against his kiss, my heart light. “No, silly,” I said, pushing him back. “Well, yes, I suppose they did, but…”

He grabbed Miss Austen’s book and threw it aside. His kissed me again, his tongue warring with mine before he sucked it deep into his mouth. He tore away the brooch holding my Egyptian wrap dress around my hips. I muttered a protest while his mouth explored mine. In seconds, I was naked on the ground and at his mercy. He broke our kiss and sat back on his knees. His gaze raked over my naked body while he licked his lips with greedy interest. Smiling mischievously, he said, “You’re just lovely. Hands and knees, Kitten. Now.”

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