Available for Preorder: The Master’s Pet: The Complete Collection

masters_pet_ultimate_collection_websiteRead all of The Master’s Pet books in one collection! Available for download on January 23, 2016!

The Master’s Pet Ultimate Collection (Includes Books 1 – 5)

Kitten is a Pet, one of the many genetically-enhanced clones created to help sate the dangerous hungers of the vampire gentry who now have an uneasy alliance with humans, and she is about to meet her new Master for the first time. Of course she’s worried. What if her new Master doesn’t like her? Or what if she makes a mistake and displeases him? But she puts up a brave front, knowing there is nothing she can do about the hand fate has dealt her. Pets are not people. They are property and can be used, bred or sold according to the whims of their masters.

Still, she is determined to resist her programming. Then she meets Dane Trevelyan for the first time and realizes how helpless she really is. Dane is tall and supernaturally beautiful. He is one of the most powerful of the vampire gentry, both physically and politically. From the moment she sees him, smells him, and feels the hungry touch of his biting kiss, the overwhelming sound of his voice, she knows she belongs to him–body and soul. She will feed him, love him, devote her entire life to him. But can she trust him? Because Kitten has a secret, one that could cost her everything.


THE MASTER’S PET Part 1: Claimed
THE MASTER’S PET Part 2: Owned
THE MASTER’S PET Part 3: Taken
THE MASTER’S PET Part 5: Hunted

Preorder: http://www.amazon.com/Masters-Pet-Ultimate-Collection-Books-ebook/dp/B01AKQ06WU/


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