Dollhouse Society Serials are back!

The Dollhouse Society Serials are back online! So if you’re new to The Dollhouse Society and love to read your books in serial format, we can accommodate you! And the best part is the first part of each serial is free on specific sites. See below for the roundup.

The Evelyn Series (Contemporary/MF):

Indecent Proposal – AmazonNookKobo (FREE)Smashwords (FREE)All Romance (FREE)Bookstrand (FREE)

Dreams in Black & White – AmazonNookKoboSmashwordsAll RomanceBookstrand

Playing House – AmazonNookKoboSmashwordsAll RomanceBookstrand

Freeze Frame – AmazonNookKoboSmashwordsAll RomanceBookstrand

The Rachaela Series (Contemporary/MF):

The Rules of Engagement – AmazonNook – Kobo (FREE)Smashwords (FREE)All Romance (FREE)Bookstrand (FREE)

Big, Bad Wolf – AmazonNook – Kobo – SmashwordsAll RomanceBookstrand

The War of the Roses – AmazonNookKoboSmashwordsAll RomanceBookstrand

Beauty & the Beast – AmazonNook – Kobo – SmashwordsAll RomanceBookstrand

The Daniel Series (Contemporary/MM):

Eyes Wide Open – AmazonNook – Kobo (FREE)Smashwords (FREE)All Romance (FREE)Bookstrand (FREE)

Touch – AmazonNookKoboSmashwordsAll RomanceBookstrand

Teacher’s Pet – AmazonNookKoboSmashwordsAll RomanceBookstrand

Angel in the Dark – AmazonNookKoboSmashwordsAll RomanceBookstrand

The Lucky Series (Historical/MF):

Lady Luck – AmazonNook – Kobo (FREE)Smashwords (FREE)All Romance (FREE)Bookstrand (FREE)

House of Dolls – AmazonNookKoboSmashwordsAll RomanceBookstrand

The Reluctant Bride – AmazonNookKoboSmashwordsAll RomanceBookstrand

A Woman on Top – AmazonNook – Kobo – SmashwordsAll RomanceBookstrand


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