Devil May Care, Book 1: Too Hot to Handle by Jay Ellison

We’re celebrating a new Jay Ellison debut series, and damn, is this one a scorcher (in more ways than one!) Jay’s new pararomance comedy will have you burning up your e-reader!

devil_may_care_1_websiteTitle: Too Hot to Handle

Author: Jay Ellison

Series: Devil May Care

A divine, erotic comedy…

Kicked out of hell for lying down on the job (literally!) Lucifer broaches a deal with his brother, Archangel Michael. If he can find and condemn 666 unrepentant souls, he can have his kingdom back. It should be easy in a city as corrupt as New York. Then Luc meets Terry Devalos, a troubled young man with ancient eyes and a mysterious past. Terry is on a mission to find his missing niece and get to the bottom of his twin sister’s mental breakdown. Trouble is afoot, including a lethal religious cult who wants Terry dead for their own dubious purposes. Luc is just along for the ride, and maybe a little face time with the sweetly seductive Terry, but soon enough he can’t deny the heat he feels building between them.


They reached his studio apartment on the Lower East Side in record time. “I just need to wash up and I’ll be ready to go again.”

“I’ll come with,” Luc said, turning off the engine.

“No, you will not. Why would you?”

“In case you need help with the washing up.” Luc smiled his best winning smile.

Terry rolled his eyes. “You can can the sexy act now. There are no cameras rolling.”

“It’s not an act,” Luc insisted. “I find you immensely desirable. And, after all, a little sexual release is good for the soul.”

Terry gaped at Luc’s candor. “You know you sound like a man slut. We just met.”

“I’ve had men I’ve known only for minutes,” Luc admitted, sounding perfectly serious, even proud of his conquests. He twirled a lock of blond hair around a finger, grinning in a humblebrag way. “We could enjoy a shower together, even a bath. I’m happy to wash your…”

“I take it you’ve had a lot of men,” Terry interrupted.

“I’ve lived a long time,” Luc answered. “I’m a beautiful man. Your point?”

“You’re a man slut. Stay.”

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