In the Hotseat: Bedeviled by J. Ashburn

Hello, my lovlies. I hope your summer as been sizzling hot. And now it’s about to get a whole lot hotter. A new J. Ashburn novel is always grounds for celebration. Sexy fallen angels and magic…what more can you ask for?

13871876_10154458123089198_1713649429_nBedeviled: Book 1 of the Warring Hearts Trilogy

Their love my tear both Heaven and Hell asunder.
Can a fallen angel find true love? Caleb wants nothing more than to repent for all the horrible crimes against humanity he’s committed in purgatory. After many guilt-ridden centuries, he escapes the pit and joins the human race, to live among them, to right the wrongs and find forgiveness.
He never expected to find love among them. He never expected to meet a man like Micah—a man pure of heart, a servant of the people and the one person that can bring Caleb peace.

Not everyone is happy about Caleb’s journey to Earth or his newfound love. Danger is lurking, dark forces are gathering and there will be Hell to pay.


Micah smiled. “Okay.” He climbed out of the sleeping bag and gently eased himself into the bed, trying not to disrupt the bed or Caleb’s position. He fought against getting too close to him or brushing up against him despite that he felt his heart beating just a little bit faster.

Caleb set his head back down on his pillow. He sighed. He licked his lips. He turned on his side and sighed again. Caleb turned over and looked at Micah. He wanted to speak but hesitated.

“I-I can’t sleep,” he said finally.

Micah looked into his eyes. “Me neither.”

“I am really fond of you, Micah.”

“I like you too, Caleb.”

Caleb exhaled. His eyes lit up. “You make me feel happy…just being around you …I cannot explain it.”

“It’s okay. You don’t have to.”

Caleb stared into Micah’s eyes for the longest time. “May I touch you?”


Caleb reached for Micah with a trembling hand, laying it gently on his bare chest. His finger gently explored Micah’s chest and nipples, traveling down his ribs to his belly. Micah could feel how nervous Caleb was.

Micah moved closer to Caleb, reached over and caressed his face before kissing him. Their lips met and they kissed softly, gently, deeply as Micah slipped his tongue into Caleb’s mouth. The fallen angel flinched but then relaxed.

They slid their arms around each other and made out, sliding the sheets off of themselves. His body feels so warm, warmer then anyone I’ve ever been with. He’s almost hot. Micah held him tight, relishing his broad shoulders and tight muscles. He felt Caleb’s heart beating very fast and his own started beating faster as well, keeping rhythm with Caleb’s.
“It feels so good to hold someone else,” Caleb whispered into his ear.

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