In the Hot Seat: The Alpha Club: Levi by J. Ashburn

As you lovelies already know, we love  shifter erotica, and J. Ashburn has a new series just in time for the holidays! Whoooo! (That’s our sad attempt to howl.) Returning to the world of the Shifters, one of our favorite authors gives us The Alpha Club!

levi_kindle_websiteThe Alpha Club: Levi by J. Ashburn


Levi, Ian and Kai are gay werewolves having a three-way love affair or is it lust-affair? Each weekend the three lovers escape to Levi’s mountain hideaway to romp, frolic, hunt and escape their stressful lives for just a little while.

Everything was perfect until Levi began having strange nightmares and felt as if they were being watched in the forest where they hunted. They will soon discover that one of them hides a dark secret that may tear the lovers apart forever. Their past is about to come back to haunt them.

Welcome to The Alpha Club, J. Ashburn’s new erotic thriller series delivered to you in small bites… begin here with Book 1: Levi and get introduced to these sexy Billionaire shifters.

An Amazon Exclusive!

Brief Excerpt:

Levi howled, and the trees around him fluttered with night birds. He shifted, a burning sensation erupted in his core, and tingling spilled down his limbs. The wolf inside burst out. He bolted from the porch and leapt into the air, gliding through the forest before landing on both feet.

He scaled nimbly over deadfalls and saplings, cleared jagged boulders, and dove through thick brush with a voracious appetite. Spittle streamed from the corners of his mouth. His breathing was regulated, though his heart raced. His mind focused on the task at hand as all his senses were trained on one thing—feeding.

A huge buck stood across a raging river, drinking. Levi spotted it from a cluster of trees, and, within seconds, launched himself over the river and down upon the animal. He devoured his prey, savoring the meal. When satiated, he looked up to gaze at the river and spotted something strange.

On the other side of the river, a naked, young man with blond hair stood, watching him. Levi sniffed the air, but couldn’t make out a scent that identified the stranger. A growl rose in his chest, and he started for the river.

The blond man slipped into some brush. Levi pursued. He scrambled across the forest floor and dove into the brush, but came up empty. The stranger was gone. What kind of fool would travel through the forest naked? Levi then looked down at himself… he was back in his human form and nearly naked. He shook his head and laughed, heading back to his mountain home.


Levi returned to the cabin, but couldn’t find the clothes he’d left on the porch. He cocked his head, but then smiled as he caught the whiff of an all-too-familiar, musky cologne. He pushed the front door open and saw Ian waiting for him on the couch. He was holding Levi’s shirt up to his face, sniffing it.

“Hello, handsome,” Ian said.

He had been calling Levi handsome ever since the night they met. Levi smirked, still trying to catch his breath. He soaked in Ian’s appearance—his chestnut brown hair and clean-shaven face. His green eyes twinkled when he smiled.

“Hey yourself, sexy. It’s so good to see you.”

“You, too.” Ian threw the shirt over the back of the couch. “Well, don’t keep me waiting. My dick has been craving you all week.”

Levi loved when he talked dirty to him. He slid over to him without hesitation.

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