In the Hot Seat: The Callboy’s Admirer by Devin Daniels

call_boy_nook_websiteWe love making new connections and sharing new readers with our Courtesan Press fans, and Devin Daniels is a hot new gay erotica writer who has just published his first title. He is the owner of the new indie press “Devin’s Den Publications.”

His book The Callboy’s Admirer is a steamy BDSM erotic romance that is sure to get your engine revving.  Check out the synopsis and excerpt. Links after the excerpt.


From the synopsis:

Jake likes to be in control. He loves his routines. His profession allows him to lead his life on his terms, his way. Everything was going exactly how he wanted until the mysterious notes arrived. Then the gifts. Soon, Jake would find his perfect life disrupted and his routines thrown out the window. He was about to begin a journey of self-discovery and learn that maybe the unexpected is what life is all about. But was it what he truly wanted? He always thought he was a loner, but now he wasn’t so sure. There was one thing Jake was sure of, however …someone was always watching.


Ted was sitting on the bed in nothing but a white t-shirt and gray boxers. Jake liked the way he seemed so vulnerable, and how the light caught in his salt and pepper hair, he was already getting a bit excited to pleasure him. Ted was a top executive in his company and had to be in charge all of the time. He fired off orders, had to fire people, and had to yell over the phone–a lot. So, in his downtime, he wanted someone else to call the shots and order him around for a change.

Jake was happy to oblige. Actually, this was what all of his clients wanted, and that worked out fine for Jake. He liked to call the shots, remain in control at all times. Never the other way around. If someone wasn’t into that, he sent him on his way. He had enough clients that he didn’t need the money or to deal with someone’s bullshit.

Their eyes met and Jake never broke eye contact as he made his way to the foot of the bed. He lifted his right hand and beckoned to Ted with the snap of his fingers. “Come to me.”

Ted rose off the bed and went quickly to Jake.

“First position.”

The older man dropped to his knees without blinking an eye.

“Start with the feet this time and work your way up.”

Ted bent over and licked Jake’s toes before sucking on them one at a time. Jake wriggled a bit. The foot service tickled him.

“That’s a good boy,” Jake said breathlessly.

The older man worked his tongue up Jake’s legs and to his thighs, nestling his nose and lips in the light brown hair that covered them. Jake shivered as waves of pleasure shot through him.


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