In the Hot Seat: Devin Daniels

Our allies at Devin’s Den are having a heck of a blowout sale this weekend!

Devin Daniels, the owner of Devin’s Den Publications, is still cracking the riding crop at his stable of writers to bring you the best MM BDSM erotica.

No matter what you’re into, he’s probably got it. Actually, right now he’s running a great sale on his very first title for all of his lovelies!

call_boy_nook_websiteOne of his sexiest books The Callboy’s Admirer is on sale for only 99 cents. Be sure to download yours today and follow Jake’s erotic journey and help solve the mystery of who’s been admiring him from afar.

You won’t believe who it is…


under_his_command_websiteIt doesn’t end there. There’s something for everyone at Devin’s Den–more BDSM erotica with Forever in His Debt and Under His Command.

These guys know how to serve.

Forever In His Debt on Kindle:

Under His Command on Kindle:

68756266_483782599075280_8241469459890438144_nOn the lighter side—how about some Paranormal Romance and the sweet love story between two shifters in Maxine Bradford’s Pack Mates: Reed and Shane.

A story that is out of time with a nice heat level and a bit of magic…

Pack Mates on Kindle:

69825852_481334189315807_2716649402646134784_nOr you can go for some fantasy adventure and hot guys exploring one another in Laura Lux’s Prince Consort short tales…

Give them a try today.

The Prince’s Consort on Kindle:

The Prince’s Hero on Kindle:

There’s always some hot and exciting happening at Devin’s Den. Visit him today:

New Titles from J. Ashburn!

J. Ashburn is burning up the Internet!

J. Ashburn’s TWO new red-hot series are now TWO book in! The Alpha Club is an erotica romp into menage, lust and jealousy among some of the most powerful Alpha shifters on earth. Whereas, The Warring Hearts Trilogy is a paranormal romance. It’s all about sweet m/m love, urban fantasy, and the wages of sin.

Whatever your preference, you won’t be disappointed!

Bedeviled (Amazon):

Infernal (Amazon):

Infernal (Nook):

The Alpha Club: Levi (Amazon):

The Alpha Club Ian (Amazon):