Our Authors

Eden Myles lives in the rural northeast with her family and two demanding cats. She is a vixen with a laptop and the head whip-cracker at Courtesan Press. She writes for The Dollhouse Society Series and Blackstone Hall.

Jay Ellison lives in the big city with his partner and several rescue dogs. He writes m/m romantic erotica and is the author of The Dollhouse Society Series, The Wolves of Wall Street and Elegant Little Bites.

Madeline Apple is a mysterious soul who is known to write under many other names. She writes for Blackstone Hall and Fifty Shades of Fairy Tales.

Alex Crossman works as a boring cubicle slave by day and writes romantic erotica by moonlight. She likes feeling like a superhero with a secret identity. She lives in the great southwest with dogs, cats and assorted cacti. She writes for Fifty Shades of Fairy Tales and Elegant Little Bites.

M.J. Sellers was born and raised in Amarillo, Texas, where she lives to this day with her husband, children, and a menagerie of rescue animals that include cats, dogs, goats and horses. She writes for Elegant Little Bites.

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