Eclipse of the Heart by Jay Ellison

eclipse_of_the_heart_websiteEclipse of the Heart (The Wolves of Wall Street) by Jay Ellison

The summer just got hotter!

Jay Ellison never fails to come through with new, sizzling hot women’s erotica! The wolves are back…and so are the Fae. Prepare for a huge dust-up: War, passion…transformations.

When the moon rises, passions run wild…

The Blood Moon pack has a new alpha in the sexy, efficacious Beaumont Talbot III, otherwise known as The God of Wolves–a man whose heart was eclipsed decades earlier. Beau has been tasked with building up and protecting the most powerful pack on the east coast. But trouble is brewing between the Blood Moon boys and the Tsukasa, a rival werewolf pack. The appearance of Raine, a Kitsune with a troubled past, can only stir the pot. The punk-like Tsukasa want Raine for their own nefarious purposes. Now Beau has to protect Raine, his new pack…and his own wounded heart, a task that may prove impossible even for the God of Wolves.


Beau moved quickly in the dark. Within seconds, he had Raine up against the wall by the door, pinned, making him gasp. His loamy male scent made Raine’s head spin, a combination of deep woods, light cologne, and wolf. Beau studied him intently, his eyes more yellow than brown now. “I’m not always a gentleman,” he said in a lazy, halcyon whisper that made Raine think of old vintage movies about overly suave Southern gentlemen. His singsongy voice was lulling in its cadence, and, very soon, Raine started to relax. Beau ran his thumb down the curve of Raine’s slightly pointed ear, nuzzled the side of his neck, turned his head. He was gentle but persistent. After a hesitant moment of exploration in the dark, they kissed harshly, fiercely.

A great gasp rose up in Raine’s throat. He pushed his body close against Beau. Beau bit at his open mouth. His sharp, elongated canine teeth nibbled Raine’s bottom lip.

Raine shuddered with anticipation. He had never felt anything so visceral in his life. It was like Beau was stealing the very breath from his body with that kiss, leaving him boneless and weak and painfully wanting. He instinctively curled his tail around one of Beau’s legs, nearly warbling in response…

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In the Hot Seat: Staff of the Wizard King by Laura Lux

wizard_king_websiteHere at Courtesan Press, we love erotica and romance. We also loves elves and high fantasy. You know what’s awesome? All four in one book…and our friend Laura Lux just delivered a steaming hot romance with monsters, sword-fights, and red-hot male-on male-action. Check out the first book in the Tales of the Elf Thief series!


He woke in the arms of his lover, Yarrow, the shape-shifting fairy from the hillside. It had been weeks since they were able to spend time together, Yarrow ’s nomadic people having moved again. Draven gave Yarrow one last kiss before rising from the animal skins and pine branches. He took a drink of water from the bowl in the corner of the tent and began dressing.

“You’re up early,” Yarrow whispered, lifting himself onto his elbows. “The light hasn’t even breached the mountains yet.”

Draven looked up, noticing the disappointment in Yarrow ’s eyes. “I need to train if I’m going to start my quest when the moon grows full. That’s in just a few days. You can come watch me if you want.”

“Swordplay and magic don’t really thrill me. I like a more hands-on activity.”

“Oh, I know,” Draven said with a sly smile.

“Tell me again about this staff.”

“I thought you only liked to hear about my staff.” Draven winked at him.
Yarrow rolled his eyes.

“All right, all right,” Draven laughed as he sat on the drum he and Yarrow used many times to sing songs about their relationship, about their lives, and about their Gods, as different as those Gods were, and began his tale again. He knew how much Yarrow loved hearing him tell his stories.

“The fabled staff is no fable, my love. It is made of pure gold and encrusted with priceless gemstones. It is more valuable then any treasure this side of the Coral Mountains. With its value you could buy a kingdom. And legend tells that it grants wishes. Whether it is true or not remains to be seen, as no one has ever been able to liberate it. Forget the other quests I have braved. Emerald and sapphire baubles, rings of power, gauntlets of platinum, ruby crowns, gold nuggets, silver ore…they mean nothing compared to the staff. No adventurer has even come close to obtaining it.”

“And how did you learn of its existence?”

“It was a night of chance and luck.” Draven lifted his right arm in grand gesture, reveling in his tales, captivating the admiration of Yarrow from the very beginning, having met him after his very first quest. “I was at a tavern in the human town of Dar. Ironically, a bard was singing a boon I had never heard before–all about a fabled staff. A drunk in the corner mumbled that he knew it existed, that his map told the way. He was ignored by everyone…except me.

“As he stumbled out that night, I followed him, blending into the shadows and using my stealth skills to find his sleeping quarters in a hollowed out tree and there, relieved him of his possessions. In a smelly, filth-ridden sack I found it–the map to the staff, a description in some sort of mixture human and Elven writing, a warning and spell. It clearly showed the way, a perilous way indeed but where there’s a will…”

Yarrow rose to his feet, covering his nakedness from the cold and walked to his lover. Their lips met. Yarrow sighed. “Perhaps too perilous?”


“This is not just any quest, Draven. The staff rests among the dead. That is not to be taken lightly.”

“And what harm can the dead do to me?”

“My naïve love. You wouldn’t say that if you had done battle with a Wraith Lord as I had. I nearly escaped with my life.”

“I fear nothing dead, it is living we must fear. Think of it, Yarrow. All of our dreams, anything we want. No longer living like paupers. No longer moving every time your people are attacked or persecuted as monsters. We can have a kingdom of our own. With an army and servants. Think of it.”

Yarrow paused a long moment, his gaze searching the tent, and then tracing every line in his elf’s adorable face. “Well then let me go with you. I can help keep you safe. My strength in battle is invaluable. As when I took the form of a Golem to chase off the brigands who jumped us last month.”

“You are a formidable fairy with amazing shifting powers but alas no, I must do this alone. It is a question of honor. Besides, I need someone to watch over our possessions and keep the home fires burning. I always look forward to returning to you when my quests are done. You are more rewarding than any gold or jewel I have won.”
They embraced.

“Now I’m off to train.” Draven took up his sword but Yarrow stayed his hand.

“You’re training can wait a bit longer,” Yarrow said. “I still have business with you.” He kissed Draven slowly, running his tongue over the elf’s lips, his hands roaming all over the war-torn leather armor. He moved to Draven’s neck and glided his kisses down to his chest, his hands unstrapping the leather mail.

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