All I Want for Christmas for free!

all_i_want_websiteHappy holidays, my lovelies!  We have a special gift for you. A Dollhouse Society holiday short for free! No strings attached. Just click on the cover below. Enjoy!

All I Want for Christmas: A Dollhouse Society Holiday Short by Jay Ellison

Secretive. Seductive.

Discover the secret behind the mysterious Dollhouse Society, an exclusive collection of powerful men and women and the modern-day courtesans and courtiers who service them…

Sometimes two people are simply meant to be together. At least, that’s what Devon believes, which is why he intends to ask Malcolm to marry him on Christmas Day. But Devon also knows that fate can be fickle at time, and Malcolm has his own secrets.


He slid his hand over Malcolm’s arm and guided him to one of the private dressing rooms. He checked first to make certain it was empty, then ushered Malcolm inside the cramped, crowded little room full of dressing tables and racks of couture. The room smelled musty and sweet like too much perfume and body oil.

Malcolm didn’t care. The moment they were inside, he slid his big hand around the back of Devon’s head and dragged him forward so their mouths could cling in a soul-searing kiss. Neither of them spoke, and neither of them needed to.

Everything inside Malcolm surged at the taste of Devon’s mouth, that sweet clove taste. His desire. His love. And under that, a subdued ferocity he could only identify as jealousy. He was jealous of every man Devon had ever kissed, every man who had ever fucked him, either in the name of love or money. He wanted to erase those encounters, the years and the pain. He wanted to be Devon’s first. Devon’s only.

Like their first time, he could just barely control himself. He pushed Devon back against a dressing table, held him down, and fumbled with both their trousers. There were strange buckles and ties on Devon’s jeans, and Malcolm ripped mercilessly at the fabric.

“Easy, gov. Those are couture,” Devon complained. “They cost a thousand dollars.”

“I don’t care,” Malcolm growled. He reached through a placket in Devon’s thousand-dollar couture jeans and took Devon’s fat, eager cock in his hands. Devon swore violently and threw his head back against the dressing table mirror when Malcolm closed his powerful fingers around the girth of him and began to stroke, to tug, to work him. He moaned when Malcolm traced the shell of his ear with his tongue before gently but fiercely biting the lobe.

“Jesus, you are so fucking beautiful,” Malcolm told him breathlessly. “You’re all I want. You can’t be real.”


In Wolf’s Clothing (The Wolves of Wall Street) by Jay Ellison.

Greetings, my lovelies. I hope you’re keeping warm and enjoying the holiday. Just about our favorite author here at Courtesan Press has a new release in just about our favorite open-ended series, The Wolves of Wall Street, so we’re uber-excited. Love, lust…animal magnetism. These guys know how to howl their way into their submissive’s hearts!

in_wolfs_clothing_websiteTitle: In Wolf’s Clothing

Series: The Wolves of Wall Street

Author: Jay Ellison

Bran Eastaughffe has a problem. He’s just an ordinary guy who wants to work his ordinary job in his father’s rather ordinary tailor shop. Unfortunately, he’s also half-elf, engaged to be married, and heir to the royal throne of the Summer Court, which controls all Fae activity in the country. It all wouldn’t even seem so bad, except for the fact that his exiled half-brother wants to kill him.

Then an uber-sexy alpha werewolf breezes into Bran’s shop one day, looking for custom-made suits to better accommodate his special anatomical needs, and everything changes. Xander Diaz, second-in-command of the Bloodmoon pack, is strictly into one night stands and no-commitment relationships, so there’s no reason the gorgeous half-elf should make him feel like a school boy suffering his first crush. Besides, Bran’s soon to be King of the Fae, and Xander, you see, is nothing but a mutt. They have absolutely nothing in common…nothing but wild, raging, animal lust, that is. The course of true love never does run smooth, but in this case, it’s about to tear a hole right through their hearts.


Why did he let the big werewolf kiss him? It was absurd. Bran didn’t even like the man. He wasn’t at all his type. Too big and hairy and forceful, with way too much alpha swagger for Bran’s liking. Yet his grip was sure and strong, his body warm and throbbing, strangely comforting, and when Xander kissed him, Bran’s entire body instantly melted against the larger man.

Bran whimpered and squirmed, but Xander grabbed him by the ass and held him easily against the front of his body. He was unbelievably strong, yet tender. Bran moaned an “Ohh,” but the tone of his voice had changed. He sounded young, vulnerable, and way too eager for his own liking.

“You’re gorgeous, pretty boy,” Xander said, his voice rough enough to make Bran start. No one had ever spoken to him in such a lascivious manner before. “I want to play with you. Make you come.”

“Uhh…” Bran answered, suddenly, inexplicably, drunk on desire.

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