The Cowboy Way (Elegant Little Bites #1) by M. J. Sellers

We here at Courtesan Press are happy not only to bring you lovelies a brand new series, but a brand new author as well! Author M.J. Sellers gets down and dirty, rough and rowdy, as she instructs us on The Cowboy Way:

The Cowboy WayTitle: The Cowboy Way

Author: M.J. Sellers

Series: Elegant Little Bites

Elegant Little Bites are perfect 10K jewels of erotic goodness designed specifically for your busy schedule–enjoy them on your lunch break, during your evening soak in the tub, just before bedtime, or anytime you need a quick romantic getaway!

The Cowboy Way

Jesse is proud to run the Circleville Ranch, a rescue and rehabilitation ranch for retired rodeo horses and children with physical and cognitive disabilities, but the recession has taken its toll and he’s in deep financial trouble. When the rich, uber-sexy father of one of his star pupils offers to buy his services as a horseback riding instructor–and part-time fling–Jesse jumps at the chance. After all, Mr. Dunhill is smoking hot, but the shady New York business guru isn’t called “the Park Avenue gangster in a nice Brioni suit” for nothing.

Get ready for one sexy ride, folks!


“Daddy! Mr. Jesse was a clown, did you know that?” Chloe, one of my star pupils at the Circleville Ranch, called as her father ambled toward her across the therapy corral.

I smiled at her enthusiasm, then told her to ease up on Mystic’s reigns. Mystic’s gait immediately evened out. When I called her back, Chloe expertly turned the horse around and trotted him back just in time for me to help her down off her mount.

“You did great, Chloe. I’m super proud of you, kiddo!” I said, giving her back her braces.

Chloe was all wide smiles as she joined her father. She started babbling on about the brand new discovery she’d made about me today, which embarrassed the hell out of me and made me kick some stones around nervously.

Part of my nervousness was being in the presence of a power suit like Alaric Dunhill, CEO of the Dunhill Financial Group, one of the biggest fish in the fishpond called New York City. The other part was more elemental: Dunhill was smoking hot.

He was tall and slim and looked like a New York model in his white polo shirt and snug khaki trousers. His dark hair was slicked back over the tips of his ears, and he had the darkest green eyes I’d ever seen. His goatee was carefully trimmed and his lips full and kissable. I usually liked my guys a little beefier, but there was something about the way Mr. Dunhill lifted and twirled his daughter, the strength of muscle in his arms and his laughter at her delight, that drew me to him. Not that I believed one of the most eligible billionaires in New York would ever deem to look my way, because, duh, I was nothing but a flea in Dunhill’s universe.

I’d also heard stories. That he was shady. That the FBI was watching him. Jeannie—my gossip-addicted partner on the ranch who loved to talk about our more high-profile clients—called him a Park Avenue gangster in a nice Brioni business suit. She said he was a cutthroat who’d no sooner use you than toss you aside. But, damn, if bad boys hadn’t always been my weakness.

Even though Dunhill was one of the richest men in New York, he generally stayed out of the public eye. Something to do with bad business dealings, Jeannie said, though I had a different theory. I figured it had to do with the fact that he’d married his business partner when gay marriage became legal a few years ago, but then divorced him soon afterward.

Another victim chewed up and spat out by the man? I wasn’t sure, but it made me curious as hell.

“What’s all this about a clown?” Mr. Dunhill laughed, gently setting Chloe down on her feet.

“Chloe discovered my costume in the barn. I guess the gig is up,” I said, laughing and tilting my straw cowboy hat back on my head. “I used to work as a rodeo clown back in the day.”

“A clown?” Dunhill said, lifting one arched eyebrow as if he were dubious of my claim.

“It’s not what you think,” I quickly explained. “I didn’t do entertainment like you see clowns do, rubber chickens and exploding garbage cans. I did bullfighting.”

When I saw he still didn’t understand, I quickly added, “I provided an alternative target for the bull to attack when the rider was bucked off.”

Dunhill’s eyebrow arched up a little higher, which was hard to interpret. Either he thought I was lying or he was mildly impressed.

“Do you still do it?” Chloe asked.

“Not anymore. Brahma bull shattered my jaw and broke my neck,” I confessed, and Chloe made a distressed face, so I bent down and chucked her under the chin. “Couldn’t walk for almost a year.”

“But you ride so well now, Mr. Jesse!”

“That’s because I was like you. I wasn’t afraid to get back in the saddle.”

“Me either,” Chloe said with a brave look.

She was eleven and had been an avid horseperson up until a few years ago, when she’d been in a bad car accident that shattered both her legs. The doctors said she would never walk again, but so far, Chloe was beating the odds. Her dad had enrolled her in PATH, the Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship, and they’d sent her our way. She’d been part of our classes for six months now and I was seeing some major improvements.

“Could I be a rodeo clown for Halloween this year?” Chloe asked, turning toward her dad.

Dunhill smirked. I noticed he only ever smiled where Chloe was concerned. “I don’t see why not, baby. Maybe Mr. Jesse could give you some tips.”


I tipped my hat at her.

Dunhill put his hand on her shoulder. “Nanny said she’d get you some ice cream.”

“That sounds good,” Chloe said and ambled off with her braces and a little effort toward Mr. Dunhill’s car parked in the driveway.

After she was gone, Dunhill gave me a serious look. “Is that true, about being a rodeo clown, or are you just saying that to impress Chloe? You seem awful young to have been through so much.”

“Scout’s honor. Rather, cowboy’s honor. I grew up on the circuit. My grandparents were in the rodeo, and my mom was a trick-rider.”

Dunhill considered that, nodding. He looked me up and down, his expression unreadable. “Is she improving at all?” he asked, switching the conversation back over to his daughter and leaving me feeling a little off guard.

I hooked my thumbs in my belt. “I think so. We’re doing a full range of exercises and she’s kept up, no problem.”
Now I felt more than a twinge of nervousness. That was the type of question clients usually asked just before they pulled their child out of therapy. Considering our mounting ranch bills, and our dwindling classes, I couldn’t afford to lose Mr. Dunhill’s patronage.

Even though I found myself sweating under his scrutiny, I told him what I’d told so many other clients before him. “If you’re thinking about more traditional physical therapy classes, exercise machines only focus on one muscle group at a time, and they don’t use natural body movements like our horses. Riding forces the patient to use their entire body to steer, control and maintain balance on a horse.” I knew it sounded like a pitch, but it was the truth. I knew from firsthand experience. After that Brahma had broken my neck, I’d taken the same classes as Chloe.

He must have recognized my panic. “Don’t worry. I’m not pulling Chloe from class,” he said, indicating the therapy corral. “But I was wondering if you offered regular horseback riding lessons? I just bought a couple of trail-riding horses for me and Chloe, but I don’t know the first thing about riding.”

“I’ll get you mounted and riding in no time,” I blurted out much too fast, then regretted it. It sounded like some cheesy pickup line. I tilted my head down, letting my hat hide any blush that might be lurking in the apples of my cheeks. “I mean, I have no problem giving adult lessons.”

Dunhill smirked. “Excellent.” He whipped out a checkbook and ran me off an advance check like it was nothing.

I had to double check to make sure I was seeing what I was seeing. It seemed like a couple too many zeroes, not that I was complaining. He handed me his business card. When our hands touched, I felt a spark like Mr. Dunhill was conducting an electrical charge. “I want to see you at one o’clock on Saturday for our first lesson.” He gave me a poignant look with those jade-green eyes. “Don’t be late. In fact, come early.”

“I’ll come as early as you like,” I told him.

“Good.” Mr. Dunhill smirked with one corner of his mouth. “I prefer guys that come when I tell them to.”

Then he walked away, leaving Mystic and me gaping after him like idiots.

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In the Hot Seat: Sasha’s Temptation by Silke Ming

In the Hot Seat today, my lovelies, we have Sasha’s Temptation by Silke Ming!


Sasha Santorelli’s wealthy friends take her to a swanky bar to celebrate her 46th birthday. There she meets Jack Hammer, a twenty five year old dancer, who performs for her, and it is clear that they are taken with each other. As a prank, the friends pay Jack to spend a week with her in her waterfront condo, and although it is clear that they are both interested in each other, there is no sex, but she finds Jack loving and caring.

On day seven of Jack’s visit, she comes down with a horrible migraine, and he has just the remedy for it. Hot, hot sex! This begins their full-fledged relationship, but Sasha is insecure because of their age difference. Age makes no difference to Jack, and she becomes more confident. Jack receives a position at a prestigious accounting firm and moves in with Sasha, much to the chagrin of her wealthy friends.

“Loved this book. I enjoy books that really pull you in. I found the I like seeing a younger man so confident in himself that age didn’t matter. Almost 20 years difference is a big gap, but he showed her that she was not too old to truly be herself and pursue her dreams. I would have loved to see them marry, but that is just the romantic in me. Looking forward to the rest of this series.” ~Reviewed by Thia (Date: 09/03/2014),

“After some contemplation, I rated Sasha’s Temptation a THREE OUT OF FIVE STARS. I liked the characters, the HOT sex, and the chemistry and dynamic of the story. After reading this book, I am definitely interested in other books by Silke Ming and am looking forward to exploring her romances.” ~Posted by Marie Brown


It was May tenth and also Sasha Santorelli’s birthday. She was turning forty-six.

“Where has the time gone?” she asked, staring into the mirror.

She picked up the bowl with the mixture she had been stirring, and staring into the mirror, she smothered her face with the avocado paste, walked onto the terrace, and stretched on a lounge chair. She picked up the two cucumber slices from a plate and placed them over her eyes.

“Should’ve eaten it all instead of plastering it all over my face,” she murmured as her mind started to wander.
Beside her, her cell phone started to vibrate.


“What are you doing, Sash?” her girlfriend asked.

“Relaxing and making myself pretty for tonight,” she replied.

“Well, you’ve got to look real pretty,” said Ruby Redfern. “It’s your big day and the limo will be there at seven thirty sharp.”

“See you then,” Sasha said, laughing.

Sasha belonged to a group of five women who called themselves the “Five Widows,” even though some of their husbands were still alive and breathing. Ruby Redfern, the leader of the group and

Sasha’s best friend, had lost her husband about seven years earlier. He went to bed one night and never got up again, making her one wealthy, spoilt woman. Autumn Chance had been a high flying executive who no longer fit into the modern high-tech world, so she was given a hefty retirement package and put out to pasture. Indigo West, the Southern belle from South Carolina, lost her husband when decided he no longer wanted to be married. As a matter of fact, he was caught stepping out with members of the same sex. In order to keep his wife quiet, he offered her a great settlement, which kept her in the lifestyle to which she had grown accustomed. Then there was Scarlet Styles, who had never been married, but came from a wealthy family and lived very well from her inheritance. That left the birthday girl, Sasha Santorelli. She knew that something was amiss when she returned home early one evening from a conference, and found her housemaid who was twelve years younger than she was, dressed in her maid uniform and dusting off a nude Joseph Santorelli, the head of the Santorelli fortune.

Together he and Sasha had led a great life, at least that’s what she had thought. She read him his rights and stepped away from his life, leaving him and the twenty-four-year-old in the family mansion. She bought a posh waterfront condo with part of her hefty settlement, and was the last to join the group, making them the “Five Widows.” Not seeing the necessity to seek any form of employment, she idled away her time with the group, who by day looked like country club wives, but by night, was a force to be reckoned with.
Tonight the rest of the Five Widows group was taking Sasha to Pennyfeathers to celebrate. This was a club where the members’ bank account had to be in seven figures before they were allowed entry. This was done to keep the paparazzi out and to allow the idle rich the privacy they sought. Pennyfeathers’s motto was, “whatever happens in Pennyfeathers, stays behind in Pennyfeathers, when you leave Pennyfeathers.’” This gave the widows the opportunity to let their hair down and become a bawdy and raucous group.

* * * *

Sasha looked in the mirror and loved what she saw. Her loose blouse was not too revealing, and her jeans hugged her in all the right places. Will I get lucky for my birthday, she wondered? It had been more than three years since she had glimpsed a man’s anatomy, but tonight it would certainly be a treat. What did the widows have planned for her? She would soon find out, she thought as the doorbell disturbed her thoughts. She picked up her purse and her scarf and hurried downstairs to join her friends. The remaining four of them were comfortably nestled in the back of the stretch limo, and a whoop went up when they laid eyes on her.

“Plan on getting lucky tonight?” Ruby Redfern asked.

“I’ll take whatever comes my way,” she replied. “After all, it is my birthday.”

“And do we have a night in store for you,” Ruby declared.

“Whatever it is, I know I will enjoy it,” she replied.

The group started to laugh and whisper to each other. The limo pulled up in front of the club, and the women climbed out and headed for the entrance. They were greeted by the doorman, who whisked them in, while the queue for the wannabes just kept growing longer. Since they were regulars, they were cordially greeted and promptly ushered to a prime corner seat which accorded them a certain amount of privacy.

On the wall behind them there was a sign that read, Do not touch the performers. The waiter quickly arrived at their table and the women ordered a round of tequila shooters.

“Whoa,” said Scarlet Styles, shaking her head as the alcohol burned her throat on the way down.

“Let’s have another round,” said the birthday girl.

Round after round was brought to the table, putting them in a celebratory mood. The music was now blasting and four young male dancers, dressed only in loin cloths, gyrated between the tables, and one of them was coaxed to the table where the Five Widows were seated.

“We’ve got a birthday girl here,” shouted Scarlet Styles.

Bumping and grinding, the young man manoeuvred his way over to the table, suggestively thrusting his hips forward. Sasha Santorelli’s eyes were glued to his hips, for she was absolutely captivated by his gyrations. Approximately five foot ten and gorgeous! He was between twenty-two and twenty-five years old, with short black hair and as cute as a button. He looked as if he spent all day in the gym because his body was lean and trim, and his muscles rippled with each sensual gyration.

“So who’s the birthday girl?” the young dancer asked, gazing from one face to the other, while his hips continued to gyrate.

All fingers pointed in Sasha’s direction. He slowly bucked in Sasha’s direction. It was loud and noisy as the other dancers and clients were creating their own brand of fun at the other tables.

“He’s got more moves than a one-armed monkey with two peckers,” said Indigo West, jumping up and imitating the moves of the young dancer at their table.

The young man encircled Sasha’s neck from behind and leaned over and kissed her on both cheeks.

“Happy birthday,” he whispered directly in her ear.

It had been quite a while since she had been that intimate with a man, and his closeness sent ripples of delight coursing through her body.

“Show me your motion and I will show you my tits,” Sasha shouted out to him, to everyone’s amazement.

“For you, lovely lady, I would do anything,” said the enthusiastic young man, who dropped into her lap and did a lap dance, much to the shrieks and catcalls from the rest of the group.

Another round of drinks appeared at the table, which they downed very quickly. The lap dance over, the young man stood up and stared at Sasha, and she stared back.

“I’ve shown you my motion, now you show me those tits,” he said in a gentle voice.

To everyone’s surprise, Sasha lifted her blouse and the dancer’s eyes almost popped from his head. Her lovely peaches were standing firm and upright, braless. Her friends seemed shocked at what she had done, but still goaded her on. The young dancer kept staring at her as the other members of the group shoved money into whatever places they could find in his loincloth. His sole intent was those tits. He pictured his lips on them. He wanted his head between them, sucking them, and if that meant his standing early before the pearly gates, he was willing to be smothered by them. What a way to go, he thought. Realizing he was gawking, he turned around, waved to the group, and slithered away.

“I’ll be right back,” said the semi-inebriated Ruby Redfern.

“Wait for me,” said the Southern belle Indigo West. “My eyeballs are floating.”

“What?” asked Scarlet Styles.

“Gotta pee,” she said, turning to around to reply.

When Ruby returned, there was a smile plastered across her face. A few minutes later, the exotic dancer returned for an encore. It was clear that his main interest was Sasha, who couldn’t seem to get enough of him.

“What’s your name?” Ruby asked the young man.

“Jack,” he replied.

“I used to know a Jack when I was younger. What’s your last name?” she asked.

“Hammer,” he replied.

“Oooh!” she said. “Even your name makes me wet.”

“Oh, those tits!” he mouthed at Sasha, who shyly looked away.

The music started again and he moved toward Sasha, spread his legs over her chair, and gyrated inches away from her face. Suddenly a horizontal shape popped up from the middle of his loincloth, which sent everything into total chaos. A flurry of activity ensued as the women rushed to their purses to get more money. Fingers secretly probed his body and shoved paper money into his loincloth, and he revelled in the attention.

“Touch me,” he whispered to Sasha.

“I’m not supposed to,” she replied shyly.

“Be discreet,” he said in a low voice.

As tempted as she was, she decided she wouldn’t, but a twinge rushed down between her thighs, and she knew that something exciting was happening to her. Something she hadn’t felt for close to three years and it was the fault of the young, virile Jack Hammer.

* * * *

At one thirty in the morning, the group of inebriated middle-aged women packed up their belongings and headed for the door. Outside Ruby Redfern looked around anxiously.

“Just a moment,” she said.

Then they saw the young dancer standing on the curb, with an overnight bag in his hand.

“He’s all your for seven days,” she whispered to Sasha.

“What?” Sasha shouted, not believing what her friends had done, but she was nevertheless tempted by the sight of
the virile, young man.

The five women along with Jack Hammer climbed into the waiting limo, and Jack Hammer pulled Sasha onto his lap.

“He’s your birthday gift. He’ll be all yours for the next seven days,” Ruby whispered in her ear.

The first stop was at her waterfront condo, and she stepped out, closely followed by Jack.

“Enjoy yourself honey,” one of the women shouted. “You know how well equipped he is. I wish it was my birthday.”

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Alphas: Rogues and Gentlemen

AlphasIntroduing a great, new collection that’s also a Kindle exclusive–and you can read it for free if you’re an Amazon Prime member!

Title: Alphas: Rogues and Gentlemen

Authors: Eden Myles, Jay Ellison, Madeline Apple, & Alex Crossman

Series: Alphas


alpha (adjective):

1. Having the most power in a group of animals or people

2. socially dominant especially in a group of animals (an alpha male)

This collection from All Romance, Bookstrand and Amazon bestselling authors Eden Myles, Alex Crossman, Madeline Apple and Jay Ellison contains 7 books about love, lust and submission to some of the most powerful alpha men on earth. Lose yourself in stories about powerful Wall Street execs, rogue werewolves, dark knights, and the men and women who love and serve them.

If you enjoy this incredible deal, please consider leaving a review! We value your opinion of Courtesan Press titles!

This collection includes:

  • Red by Madeline Apple (Billionaire/Fairy Tale Romance: M/F)
  • The Dollhouse Society: Felix by Eden Myles (Billionaire/New Adult Romance: M/F)
  • The Beauty of the Beast by Alex Crossman (Fairy Tale Romance: M/M)
  • Blood & Lace by Eden Myles (Gothic Romance: M/F)
  • Rumpelstiltskin by Alex Crossman (Fairy Tale/Suspense Romance: M/F)
  • The Dollhouse Society: Charlotte by Eden Myles (Billionaire/Suspense Romance: M/F)
  • PLUS A BONUS NOVEL: Lone Wolf by Jay Ellison (Werewolf/Menage Romance: M/M/M)

172K of seduction, submission and romance! It’s also a great way for newcomers to sample Courtesan Press titles!

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Sale Blitz for the Sweet Series by Angel Steel

Sweet Series by Angel Steel


Skylar Montague has learned that nothing good comes from trusting others…. especially men. After escaping an abusive relationship she attempts to start a new life in a new city.

Living close to her childhood friend Chantal, she’s finally starting to feel at home. Men are the last thing on her mind, that is until she meets her smoldering bad boy neighbor Nathaniel Jackson. Her hesitation is huge, but the attraction is even greater. Nathaniel doesn’t do relationships, just can’t see himself as being a one woman man.

His instant attraction to Skylar makes him think that he could change. Their connection is explosive. Nothing has ever felt this good. Being together with Nate, Skylar feels like she can finally trust a man. That is until they are presented with an unexpected surprise. Exes reemerge and with them a falling out neither saw coming.

With all their past troubles and demons ready to emerge, can they escape the undeniable pull they have to each other, or will the dark past they both possess prove to be too difficult and keep them apart?



For five long years, Chantal has been in love with Dom. They have always had a great friendship and flirted with each other like
nobody’s business, which just seemed to be their thing. Chantal’s feelings for Dom were obvious to everyone but him.

After being rejected for the last time by Dom, Chantal is fed up and ready to move on…or so she thinks. She finds solace in a familiar face and starts anew. Things start to heat up, and along with new beginnings come new surprises…and secrets. An old flame resurfaces and things go awry. The crazier life gets, the harder it is to keep her secrets from the people she loves, including Dom. Can she keep these secrets hidden forever?

Dom has been hiding his feelings for Chantal for five years. He just can’t see a way to make it work. There are things about him that she can never know. One could test her limits and the other would certainly test their relationship. Either way, Dom is afraid he will lose her if she were to ever find out.

Will the love that Chantal and Dom has for each other, be strong enough for them to cope with all of the lies and deceit? Or will it end them for good?


Both books in the series are on sale for 99c for 2 days only
#1 Sweet Temptation
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#2 Sweet Surrender
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Born and bred in Australia. She has lived here all her life with her wonderful husband and 4 children. Angel loves reading any kind of books and loves to write. In her spare time, Angel and her husband watch porn and GIF’s on Tumblr for ‘research’. If you read a hot scene in one of her books, you can be sure it’s been tried and tested!

If you want to spot Mr Steel at an event, he wears a t-shirt which reads “My wife writes porn”. There’s really nothing better than a supportive husband.

ANGEL’S BOOKS: Sweet Temptation (Sweet, #1) Sweet Surrender (Sweet, #2) and NEW RELEASE Harpers Little Spitfire (Harper’s Series)

GENRE: Fiction, Romance, Contemporary, Erotica.




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In the Hot Seat: Kismet by Serena Fairfax

KismetToday we have a hot new title by Serena Fairfax to show off!

Author’s url:

When a feisty 21st century girl shakes hands with 400 years of history, what happens next? In London on a buying spree, Jo Farrer, who runs a fashion shop from her cottage wanders into an ancient churchyard and is hooked by an epitaph on a gravestone immortalising a notorious seventeenth century French highwayman and womanizer.

Pre-occupied by thoughts of him, her van skids in an unfamiliar residential area, demolishing the original cast iron railings of an upscale, Victorian town house. Dazed and shaken, she’s rescued from the wreckage by charismatic tycoon, Ed Amery who she recalls hounded Kim, her former fiancé, out of office. Further shock encounters with Ed
occur at a seminar designed to provide advice to budding entrepreneurs and at the stables owned by her uncle Roger, where Ed’s filly is in training.

Subsequently, Ed reveals that Kim was a computer hacker who’d cheated Ed and transferred millions offshore where he’d bolted.Keen to open a conventional retail outlet Jo rents a boutique within a luxury country house hotel complex only to learn later, to her dismay, that Ed’s her landlord and he, reluctant to accept her as a tenant, challenges her skills. She’s also jealous of Ed’s apparent romantic involvement with Cait.

An unlucky gemstone, a fancy dress ball, a fashion shoot, unsavory disclosures, equestrian sketches, a bloodstock auction and the glamorous, Casanova legend of the mesmerising highwayman, who plays Cupid, mingle to intrigue the reader in the erotically charged clashes between Ed and Jo. The setting is the idyllic English countryside of
hawthorn hedges, bluebell woods and may blossom.

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The Dollhouse Society Ultimate Boxset by Eden Myles, Jay Ellison & Alex Crossman

The Dollhouse Society Ultimate BoxsetWe know you Dollhouse Society fans have been waiting a long time for this! Finally, the wait is over!

Title: The Dollhouse Society Ultimate Boxset

Authors: Eden Myles, Jay Ellison & Alex Crossman

Series: The Dollhouse Society


Secretive. Seductive.

Discover the secret behind the mysterious Dollhouse Society, an exclusive collection of powerful men and women and the modern-day courtesans and courtiers who service them…

The most powerful men and women in New York are harboring the most seductive and soul-shattering of secrets! Rediscover the men and women of the Dollhouse Society, or meet them for the first time in one boxset collection.

The Dollhouse Society Ultimate Boxset includes 21 BDSM novels and 5 shorts in the sexy, contemporary Dollhouse Society Series by authors Eden Myles, Jay Ellison, & Madeline Apple.


  • The Rules of Conduct Inside the Dollhouse
  • Indecent Proposal
  • Dreams in Black & White
  • Playing House
  • Freeze Frame
  • Ten Years Later
  • The Rules of Engagement
  • Big, Bad Wolf
  • The War of the Roses
  • Beauty and the Beast
  • Namibia, Six Months Later
  • Eyes Wide Open
  • Touch
  • Teacher’s Pet
  • Angel in the Dark
  • Family Man
  • Lady Luck
  • House of Dolls
  • The Reluctant Bride
  • A Woman on Top
  • Two Hundred and Seven Years Later
  • All I Want for Christmas
  • The Dollhouse Society: Margo
  • Cinderfella
  • The Dollhouse Society: Felix
  • The Dollhouse Society: Isabelle
  • The Dollhouse Society: Charlotte
  • The Dollhouse Society: Stefan
  • Previews & Excerpts

325K of seduction, submission and romance!

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99 cent Cry Wolf sale!

Cry Wolf
Cry Wolf
Hot guys with hotter tempers! For a very limited time, get Cry Wolf (The Wolves of Wall Street #1) for only $0.99 everywhere online! Find out what readers are howling about!



In the Hot Seat: Ice Cream Castles in the Air by Dorothy Kane Liddle

Ice Cream Castles in the AirToday in the Hot Seat we’re featuring a brand new book by Dorothy Kane Liddle! And ice cream is involved! Perfect for summer’s end!

Ice Cream Castles in the Air
by Dorothy Kane Liddle

Kate Hoffman is ending a year in Germany with her two adult children. She is now faced with living alone, as her children plan to return to the United States. She meets Mark Robinette during a visit to Bavaria’s Neuschwanstein castle and too quickly (for Kate anyway) they become sexual partners. Kate’s grown children and the re-appearance of her alcoholic ex-husband combine with Kate’s objections to the “free sex” liberation of her best friend Ilse to stall her budding affair with Mark. But she learns the passion she is experiencing with her young lover is neither a drug, a weapon, nor does it have to lead to marriage and commitment. It can also be a door to a fuller realization of life’s limitless possibilities.


They moved out of the way of the crowd and against the side of the building. Kate looked directly into Mark’s eyes. Mark placed his hands on Kate’s shoulders and nudged her gently toward him. She responded and placed her right hand on top of his shoulder as he drew his face closer to her. They studied each other’s lips for a lingering moment and then both caved into the kiss. The very public nature of it didn’t seem to bother either one. Mark’s arms slid around her shoulders to her back as the kiss deepened. Kate slid her hand up to and then around the back of Mark’s neck. It was the sudden jostling from an annoyed passerby that brought them both back to reality.

“Oops, I guess we’re in everybody’s way here,” Kate said as she reluctantly released her hand from the back of Mark’s neck.

“Yeah, I wish it wasn’t so crowded,” Mark said. He kept Kate in a slight embrace.

“Well, my car is just there in the lot,” Kate said, “unless, of course, you have to go. Do you have to meet your friend again?”

Kate brushed Mark’s hair away from his eyes and reached for his hand.

“You mean Libby? No, I suspect she’s back in Munich by now with Max.”

At the mention of Max’s name, Kate felt still more relief.

“Well, can I drop you somewhere, then?” she asked.

“The entrance to the Autobahn would be great. I’m hitching back to Munich. I just hope I’m not too late to get started before nightfall.”

Kate pushed her tongue to her cheek, “I think you just got lucky,” she said.

“What?” Mark asked in alarm.

“As far as a ride, Mark,” Kate said emphatically. “I’m heading back to Munich myself. You can ride with me if you wish.”

“Far out,” Mark said.

As they walked toward Kate’s car, she asked him, “And just what did you think I meant when I said you just got lucky?” But her tone was only mockingly inquisitional.

Mark opened his mouth to speak, but no words came out.

Kate nudged him playfully. “I’m only kidding, you know.”

Mark bowed his head toward his feet. “I know, Katherine. I’m just sorry you were.”

Now it was Kate’s turn again to be sorry. Why am I fighting this? I haven’t felt this way for a man since…ever? Except for the fact that it is so completely wrong. But then…

When they reached her car, she opened the doors and she and Mark slid in. Kate put the key in the ignition, but hesitated before starting the engine. Kate glanced over and met Mark’s eyes. A smile curled at her lips to match the one forming on Mark’s. He leaned toward her and then paused. She leaned toward him as her hand slipped from the ignition.

Mark’s kiss went deep and hard immediately. Kate heard herself groan with the pleasure of his firmness and authority. She felt his arm slide around her shoulder and begin massaging her back. She lifted her hand to his thick mop of hair and began mussing her hand through its thickness. They both were groaning as their embrace tightened. Mark’s mouth opened, and she opened hers to meet his. Their tongues found each other’s hungrily and their frenzied probing together ignited flames. Kate trembled as a newfound passion rumbled through her. Kate pressed her lips tighter onto Mark’s. She fisted her fingers in his hair. Mark dug his into Kate’s back. Their moans were becoming dangerously amplified in the car, but neither seemed to care. Mark slid his hand toward Kate’s chest, and she quickly adjusted her posture to accommodate. When his hand reached her left breast and Mark passed his palm gently across it, Kate shuddered with the pleasure of being touched. She wanted more immediately.

Kate pressed her hand on top of his. Breaking her kiss for a moment, she said, “Squeeze it, Mark. Hard.” And then she plunged her mouth back on top of his as he squeezed her breast hard enough to cause a sudden discomfort. But it was discomfort she didn’t want to have halted either.

Kate let the hand that had buried itself in Mark’s hair drop to her side. It found Mark’s thigh, and Kate slowly moved her hand to his crotch. When she felt the bulge of his hardness, Mark let out a cry of pleasure, and she felt everything go momentarily black.

And then she heard the voices passing her car.

“Mark, we have to stop,” Kate said and pulled away from him.

“I’m sorry, Kate,” he replied. “I got carried away.”

“No, I mean we have to stop here. There are too many people. I’m glad you were carried away. I want you to get more carried away.”

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Dark Wolf (The Wolves of Wall Street) by Jay Ellison

Dark WolfMore Pack politics and passion in the Amazon/ARE bestselling series!

Title: Dark Wolf

Series: The Wolves of Wall Street

Author: Jay Ellison

She was on the run from her dark past…

Jillian Fever is a she-wolf at home in the human world. Despite being the estranged “mafia princess” daughter of Roman Le Feuvre, she has a wonderful day job, good friends, and a handsome and loving boyfriend named Ethan Twofeathers. But a dark remnant from her shattered, bloodstained past is about to rear its shaggy head and put Jillian on the run, with Ethan close on her heels. Ethan knows nothing about Jillian’s dark heritage. He knows only that he loves her and will do anything to protect her. But when a series of clues brings him to the doorstep of Giovanni St. Constantine, Jillian’s ex-lover and the dangerously sexy alpha of the Rhea Silvia Pack, a powerful animal attraction threatens to throw all three of them into a supernatural tailspin. Meanwhile, Jillian’s dark stalker is closing in, and his arrival will change the lives of all those unfortunate enough to cross his path.


Jace roared and plunged after her, much faster on his four feet than she was. Jill knew she couldn’t outrun him, so she did the only thing she could—she reached down for a large rock and swung around just as Jace reached her. She saw his burning, evil eyes in the last seconds before she pitched the rock as hard as she could into his face. She might have been in her human form, but she had more power behind her pitch than most major league pitchers. Jace yelped and fell away, his paws rubbing at his broken and bloodied nose.

Jill didn’t wait around to see him recover. She raced full tilt toward the gate, running faster than any human could. Jace let out an unearthly howl behind her and dashed after her. He might be faster than she, but Jill had a few seconds handicap and she reached the edge of the enclosure first.

There was no time to key in the security code; Jill vaulted to the top of the fence. It was just a little too high, even for a she-wolf, and she only made it three-quarters of the way up. She kicked out with her sneakered feet, clawing at the reinforced steel links as she struggled to make it over, but Jace, too, was nimble, and very, very determined.

Enraged. Or maybe en-lusted was a better word for what he had.

Just before she made it to the top, she felt his hot, stinking breath on her back, then his teeth clamping down around one of her legs like a steel trap full of scissoring teeth. The fabric of her jogging pants shredded, her skin tore. She heard the sound of her own flesh ripping. Suddenly, Jill’s entire body was alight with scorching pain. She couldn’t help herself. She screamed, head tilted back toward the gravid moon drifting carelessly overhead. Her cry ended on a high, primal note of pain and outrage, and every doglike creature in the sanctuary responded to it. For one moment, the night was skewered with a symphony of howls and yips.

She wanted to change—she needed to change—but her mind and body were wracked with too much pain for her to concentrate as Jace shook her like a terrier with a bone. She was whipped violently against the fence, then ripped away as Jace threw her down onto the ground with such force her breath was knocked from her pain-riddled body…

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