In the Hot Seat: Kismet by Serena Fairfax

KismetToday we have a hot new title by Serena Fairfax to show off!

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When a feisty 21st century girl shakes hands with 400 years of history, what happens next? In London on a buying spree, Jo Farrer, who runs a fashion shop from her cottage wanders into an ancient churchyard and is hooked by an epitaph on a gravestone immortalising a notorious seventeenth century French highwayman and womanizer.

Pre-occupied by thoughts of him, her van skids in an unfamiliar residential area, demolishing the original cast iron railings of an upscale, Victorian town house. Dazed and shaken, she’s rescued from the wreckage by charismatic tycoon, Ed Amery who she recalls hounded Kim, her former fiancé, out of office. Further shock encounters with Ed
occur at a seminar designed to provide advice to budding entrepreneurs and at the stables owned by her uncle Roger, where Ed’s filly is in training.

Subsequently, Ed reveals that Kim was a computer hacker who’d cheated Ed and transferred millions offshore where he’d bolted.Keen to open a conventional retail outlet Jo rents a boutique within a luxury country house hotel complex only to learn later, to her dismay, that Ed’s her landlord and he, reluctant to accept her as a tenant, challenges her skills. She’s also jealous of Ed’s apparent romantic involvement with Cait.

An unlucky gemstone, a fancy dress ball, a fashion shoot, unsavory disclosures, equestrian sketches, a bloodstock auction and the glamorous, Casanova legend of the mesmerising highwayman, who plays Cupid, mingle to intrigue the reader in the erotically charged clashes between Ed and Jo. The setting is the idyllic English countryside of
hawthorn hedges, bluebell woods and may blossom.

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The Dollhouse Society Ultimate Boxset by Eden Myles, Jay Ellison & Alex Crossman

The Dollhouse Society Ultimate BoxsetWe know you Dollhouse Society fans have been waiting a long time for this! Finally, the wait is over!

Title: The Dollhouse Society Ultimate Boxset

Authors: Eden Myles, Jay Ellison & Alex Crossman

Series: The Dollhouse Society


Secretive. Seductive.

Discover the secret behind the mysterious Dollhouse Society, an exclusive collection of powerful men and women and the modern-day courtesans and courtiers who service them…

The most powerful men and women in New York are harboring the most seductive and soul-shattering of secrets! Rediscover the men and women of the Dollhouse Society, or meet them for the first time in one boxset collection.

The Dollhouse Society Ultimate Boxset includes 21 BDSM novels and 5 shorts in the sexy, contemporary Dollhouse Society Series by authors Eden Myles, Jay Ellison, & Madeline Apple.


  • The Rules of Conduct Inside the Dollhouse
  • Indecent Proposal
  • Dreams in Black & White
  • Playing House
  • Freeze Frame
  • Ten Years Later
  • The Rules of Engagement
  • Big, Bad Wolf
  • The War of the Roses
  • Beauty and the Beast
  • Namibia, Six Months Later
  • Eyes Wide Open
  • Touch
  • Teacher’s Pet
  • Angel in the Dark
  • Family Man
  • Lady Luck
  • House of Dolls
  • The Reluctant Bride
  • A Woman on Top
  • Two Hundred and Seven Years Later
  • All I Want for Christmas
  • The Dollhouse Society: Margo
  • Cinderfella
  • The Dollhouse Society: Felix
  • The Dollhouse Society: Isabelle
  • The Dollhouse Society: Charlotte
  • The Dollhouse Society: Stefan
  • Previews & Excerpts

325K of seduction, submission and romance!

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In the Hot Seat: Ice Cream Castles in the Air by Dorothy Kane Liddle

Ice Cream Castles in the AirToday in the Hot Seat we’re featuring a brand new book by Dorothy Kane Liddle! And ice cream is involved! Perfect for summer’s end!

Ice Cream Castles in the Air
by Dorothy Kane Liddle

Kate Hoffman is ending a year in Germany with her two adult children. She is now faced with living alone, as her children plan to return to the United States. She meets Mark Robinette during a visit to Bavaria’s Neuschwanstein castle and too quickly (for Kate anyway) they become sexual partners. Kate’s grown children and the re-appearance of her alcoholic ex-husband combine with Kate’s objections to the “free sex” liberation of her best friend Ilse to stall her budding affair with Mark. But she learns the passion she is experiencing with her young lover is neither a drug, a weapon, nor does it have to lead to marriage and commitment. It can also be a door to a fuller realization of life’s limitless possibilities.


They moved out of the way of the crowd and against the side of the building. Kate looked directly into Mark’s eyes. Mark placed his hands on Kate’s shoulders and nudged her gently toward him. She responded and placed her right hand on top of his shoulder as he drew his face closer to her. They studied each other’s lips for a lingering moment and then both caved into the kiss. The very public nature of it didn’t seem to bother either one. Mark’s arms slid around her shoulders to her back as the kiss deepened. Kate slid her hand up to and then around the back of Mark’s neck. It was the sudden jostling from an annoyed passerby that brought them both back to reality.

“Oops, I guess we’re in everybody’s way here,” Kate said as she reluctantly released her hand from the back of Mark’s neck.

“Yeah, I wish it wasn’t so crowded,” Mark said. He kept Kate in a slight embrace.

“Well, my car is just there in the lot,” Kate said, “unless, of course, you have to go. Do you have to meet your friend again?”

Kate brushed Mark’s hair away from his eyes and reached for his hand.

“You mean Libby? No, I suspect she’s back in Munich by now with Max.”

At the mention of Max’s name, Kate felt still more relief.

“Well, can I drop you somewhere, then?” she asked.

“The entrance to the Autobahn would be great. I’m hitching back to Munich. I just hope I’m not too late to get started before nightfall.”

Kate pushed her tongue to her cheek, “I think you just got lucky,” she said.

“What?” Mark asked in alarm.

“As far as a ride, Mark,” Kate said emphatically. “I’m heading back to Munich myself. You can ride with me if you wish.”

“Far out,” Mark said.

As they walked toward Kate’s car, she asked him, “And just what did you think I meant when I said you just got lucky?” But her tone was only mockingly inquisitional.

Mark opened his mouth to speak, but no words came out.

Kate nudged him playfully. “I’m only kidding, you know.”

Mark bowed his head toward his feet. “I know, Katherine. I’m just sorry you were.”

Now it was Kate’s turn again to be sorry. Why am I fighting this? I haven’t felt this way for a man since…ever? Except for the fact that it is so completely wrong. But then…

When they reached her car, she opened the doors and she and Mark slid in. Kate put the key in the ignition, but hesitated before starting the engine. Kate glanced over and met Mark’s eyes. A smile curled at her lips to match the one forming on Mark’s. He leaned toward her and then paused. She leaned toward him as her hand slipped from the ignition.

Mark’s kiss went deep and hard immediately. Kate heard herself groan with the pleasure of his firmness and authority. She felt his arm slide around her shoulder and begin massaging her back. She lifted her hand to his thick mop of hair and began mussing her hand through its thickness. They both were groaning as their embrace tightened. Mark’s mouth opened, and she opened hers to meet his. Their tongues found each other’s hungrily and their frenzied probing together ignited flames. Kate trembled as a newfound passion rumbled through her. Kate pressed her lips tighter onto Mark’s. She fisted her fingers in his hair. Mark dug his into Kate’s back. Their moans were becoming dangerously amplified in the car, but neither seemed to care. Mark slid his hand toward Kate’s chest, and she quickly adjusted her posture to accommodate. When his hand reached her left breast and Mark passed his palm gently across it, Kate shuddered with the pleasure of being touched. She wanted more immediately.

Kate pressed her hand on top of his. Breaking her kiss for a moment, she said, “Squeeze it, Mark. Hard.” And then she plunged her mouth back on top of his as he squeezed her breast hard enough to cause a sudden discomfort. But it was discomfort she didn’t want to have halted either.

Kate let the hand that had buried itself in Mark’s hair drop to her side. It found Mark’s thigh, and Kate slowly moved her hand to his crotch. When she felt the bulge of his hardness, Mark let out a cry of pleasure, and she felt everything go momentarily black.

And then she heard the voices passing her car.

“Mark, we have to stop,” Kate said and pulled away from him.

“I’m sorry, Kate,” he replied. “I got carried away.”

“No, I mean we have to stop here. There are too many people. I’m glad you were carried away. I want you to get more carried away.”

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Dark Wolf (The Wolves of Wall Street) by Jay Ellison

Dark WolfMore Pack politics and passion in the Amazon/ARE bestselling series!

Title: Dark Wolf

Series: The Wolves of Wall Street

Author: Jay Ellison

She was on the run from her dark past…

Jillian Fever is a she-wolf at home in the human world. Despite being the estranged “mafia princess” daughter of Roman Le Feuvre, she has a wonderful day job, good friends, and a handsome and loving boyfriend named Ethan Twofeathers. But a dark remnant from her shattered, bloodstained past is about to rear its shaggy head and put Jillian on the run, with Ethan close on her heels. Ethan knows nothing about Jillian’s dark heritage. He knows only that he loves her and will do anything to protect her. But when a series of clues brings him to the doorstep of Giovanni St. Constantine, Jillian’s ex-lover and the dangerously sexy alpha of the Rhea Silvia Pack, a powerful animal attraction threatens to throw all three of them into a supernatural tailspin. Meanwhile, Jillian’s dark stalker is closing in, and his arrival will change the lives of all those unfortunate enough to cross his path.


Jace roared and plunged after her, much faster on his four feet than she was. Jill knew she couldn’t outrun him, so she did the only thing she could—she reached down for a large rock and swung around just as Jace reached her. She saw his burning, evil eyes in the last seconds before she pitched the rock as hard as she could into his face. She might have been in her human form, but she had more power behind her pitch than most major league pitchers. Jace yelped and fell away, his paws rubbing at his broken and bloodied nose.

Jill didn’t wait around to see him recover. She raced full tilt toward the gate, running faster than any human could. Jace let out an unearthly howl behind her and dashed after her. He might be faster than she, but Jill had a few seconds handicap and she reached the edge of the enclosure first.

There was no time to key in the security code; Jill vaulted to the top of the fence. It was just a little too high, even for a she-wolf, and she only made it three-quarters of the way up. She kicked out with her sneakered feet, clawing at the reinforced steel links as she struggled to make it over, but Jace, too, was nimble, and very, very determined.

Enraged. Or maybe en-lusted was a better word for what he had.

Just before she made it to the top, she felt his hot, stinking breath on her back, then his teeth clamping down around one of her legs like a steel trap full of scissoring teeth. The fabric of her jogging pants shredded, her skin tore. She heard the sound of her own flesh ripping. Suddenly, Jill’s entire body was alight with scorching pain. She couldn’t help herself. She screamed, head tilted back toward the gravid moon drifting carelessly overhead. Her cry ended on a high, primal note of pain and outrage, and every doglike creature in the sanctuary responded to it. For one moment, the night was skewered with a symphony of howls and yips.

She wanted to change—she needed to change—but her mind and body were wracked with too much pain for her to concentrate as Jace shook her like a terrier with a bone. She was whipped violently against the fence, then ripped away as Jace threw her down onto the ground with such force her breath was knocked from her pain-riddled body…

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The Sizzling Summer Sales Continue!

Catch the Heatwave for even more deals this July!

Courtesan Press and J. Ashburn Fiction have teamed up to bring you hot discounts on their titles all this month. Pick-up some romance and erotic titles at great prices. And we’ve also joined Smashwords’ site wide discount for July.

Titles are available at your favorite retailer! Check out the selections below!

Man and the Beast

Man and the Beast- Book 1 of the Beast Within Trilogy by J. Ashburn

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Manlove & Menage
Manlove & Menage

Manlove & Menage: 10 Erotic Books in One by Jay Ellison, Alex Crossman & Madeline Apple

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In the Hot Seat: Lure of the Beast by J. Ashburn

LureofthebeastebookJ. Ashburn is back with us and has unleashed the second book in the Beast Within trilogy! Lure of the Beast continues the story where Man and the Beast left off.

Alec finds more romance and intrigue in the mountain town of Redfern as he must deal with his angry sister Rachelle, a new shifter that has blown into town and the revelation that the Pure Blood is finally closing in on him.

Don’t miss any of the action, romance, lust and adventure as Alec and his friends face new challenges in their fight to tame… The Beast Within.

Lure of the Beast is book 2 in the Beast Within Trilogy. It is strongly recommended that you read Book 1: Man and the Beast before starting this book and we happen to suspect that J Ashburn will be putting book 1 on sale real soon. Check J. Ashburn’s official blog Sunday night!

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Read an Excerpt:

Alec was compelled to run to the parking area and take a break. He took a deep breath, and as soon as he let it out, he heard music, the same music from before. It was a seductive melody that instantly captivated him.

Alec let the music fill him–a guitar, the strings played with awesome skill. He found himself approaching the trailheads, and one in particular beckoned to him. Shadows danced along the trail, frolicking, blending together. He stepped into the shadows and followed the trail as it ascended steeply into the mountains.

The music stirred him, pulling him along, up into the mountains with a strong hold on his heart and wolf soul. Alec rushed without knowing where he was going, without looking back, without a thought of anything else. He was a slave to the music. It was almost as if he could see a physical manifestation of it. The trail seemed sprinkled with glitter, but it wasn’t really glitter as there was nothing really there. The music told him it was and so he followed. Followed this imaginary trail of stardust as it curled up the path.

Nothing existed except the music now. He followed it like a pup, wanting to bask in it, find its source and wrap himself around it, suckle from it, love it. The trail crossed with a host of others before ending in a notch with a cluster of trees. A young man sat under the largest tree. He had shaggy brown hair and a wispy beard on his chin. His eyes were a glinting green. A beaded choker adorned his neck, and he wore four or five leather bracelets on his right wrist, the same wrist that gently strummed an acoustic guitar. He was the source of the music.

Alec watched him play the guitar as if he were making love to it, working his fingers over the strings with a sensual touch, a lover’s touch. Alec swooned, the music wrapped around him, embracing him with an erotic tickle. His heart beat just a bit faster and sweat beaded across his forehead. He wanted the musician and his nimble fingers, his magical hands. Everything about him was sexy. The way his hair caught the sunlight, the way his denim shirt hugged his chest and how it was halfway unbuttoned. Alec could glimpse a bit of chest hair and it looked inviting.

Alec was about to step into view when a young blond man stepped out of the forest across the notch. Behind him, a dark haired man with a beard followed. The musician stopped playing and set down his guitar. The music stopped. The musician stood up and the two strangers went up to him and began making out with him.

With the music gone, Alec regained control of himself and held back, hiding himself within the trees off his trail, but he continued to watch. The two strangers unbuttoned the musician’s shirt. The blond man sucked on his nipples as the dark haired man caressed his neck, sticking his tongue in his ear.

The blond and dark haired man took off their shirts and slid themselves down the musician’s legs. They unbuttoned his pants and yanked them down to his ankles…